Wednesday, March 31, 2010


soldiersmarchingclipart_lgThe month of March sure lived up to its name for me -- it's been a crazy month! The to-do list getting longer, and the calendar filling up until I was crying 'uncle', but no -- the days "marched" on!

With a lot of help, I pulled off a big event for the women in our church, but, oh my goodness, there was so much to do! This new church job is keeping me pretty busy from day to day.

I also got our Sweet Girl registered for her (gulp) junior year of high school, and Mr. H and I have attended her winter guard performances on the weekends. She is thriving -- we are *so happy* to see her strong and healthy and active. Hallelujah! :-)

Mr. H finished up his "bird in the hand" 6 week contract, but not before another 10-month contract came along. So, for a couple of weeks he was working two jobs, and I never saw him! (I know -- feast or famine, right?) He's done with that now, and back on an 8-5 schedule. He's got a bit of a commute. Oh well. We are beyond thrilled that he has some work. Hopefully this contract will get us through to the time when the job market is stronger...

Please don't think badly of me when I say I've felt a little down since he started working this longer temp contract -- there is a part of me that is so weary of just surviving and just wants a "real" job and real security (is that even possible anymore?).  Health benefits that actually benefit my family. Is this too much to ask? Although I am *thrilled* he is working, I guess I wanted a "finish line" at the end of this trial. Kind of a "you made it through, against all odds, and here is the payoff -- a permanent job with benefits"! **Trrrrr-ing** (that would be a magic wand sound-effect)

The reality is that we are going to have to sacrifice, be disciplined and work hard to recover financially from these unemployment/underemployment times, not something a weary person especially wanted to hear. So I had a little pity party.

That didn't get me anywhere, so after a bit, I picked myself up, dusted myself off and had a good talk with Mr. H. We can't control much in the job market, in the world, or in Washington -- but we DO have control over our household and our little kingdom. That is a good thing. We are healthy, and have the strength and power to change things. Those are blessings -- not to be wasted.

So we cracked open our Dave Ramsey books (loooooove him!) and made plans and became proactive.  Boy, it feels good! They are all just baby-steps, but they. are. steps. Couple this with my firm belief -- that you do all you can on your end, and the Lord will bless you -- and I know life will improve, and get better and better. It's not perfect. (I doubt it ever will be, even with a fortune at our feet!)  But it's better already.

Baby-steps! March!

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