Wednesday, July 2, 2008

How To Leave a Comment

Here's a quick tutorial on how to leave a comment on my blog:


1. Go down to the bottom of the current post, and you'll see (in small letters) the word "comments". Click on that.

2. (a dialogue box might pop up at this point, just click yes) Now you see the comment page. Start writing your comment in the box provided.

3. When you see "Choose an Identity", don't worry. With this blog, you don't need to have any special identity. If you have a Google username from your gmail email, great -- use that. Look at the other choices. If none of them matches up with you, then choose "anonymous". (Do me a favor and sign your name at the bottom of your comment if you're choosing anonymous, so I'll know who is leaving a message.)

4. Now just click on "Publish Your Comment". (you can also click preview if you want to preview your comment.) That's it. Your comment is posted!

Okay, now you know how to comment -- so let me hear from you! :-) See you on the blog!