Saturday, July 25, 2009


Boo-Boo BearA little update on things around here: Hey, our Sweet Girl's doing much better! What a difference a week can make...

She's out of bed now and up and around more. It's been great to see her around the house again.  We still have a little way to go on getting her completely recovered. She tires easily and will have to take it easy, physically, for another month or two.  The plan is to get her physically able to handle school -- only 4 weeks away now. (wow -- where did the summer go?)

In our family, this will go down as The Summer That Wasn't. Talk about a bend in the road! (I still remember our little family meeting we had discussing plans and activities we were gonna do...) You never know what's around the corner.

That "Boo-Boo Bear" pictured there is the one she asked for when she got home from the hospital. It's the same one given to her by our very good friend, Scott, back when she first had her sledding accident. That bear's come full circle now -- there when our girl was badly hurt and struggling to recover from a scary accident... to here again to comfort her, hurt and recovering again -- but this time to fix the last of the damage done in that accident.

Counting blessings: the surgery is done and over with...the worst of the recovery is finished... that it's all downhill from here...can't count all the little earthly angels that made the effort to give our daughter some TLC. That's really good medicine when you're a teenager. By Christmas she will be fully recovered and totally pain-free. Can't wait!

Thanks again for all your prayers and good wishes. They meant so much. I heart ya! ♥

OK. Back to real life now...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Words to Live By

Well Wishes for my Sweet Girl


We can do no great things,
only small things with great love.

                                             ~Mother Teresa


Our Sweet Girl's recovery has been frustratingly slow and painful.  Mr. H and I are doing all we can to make her comfortable and get her through this time.  We three are very much looking forward to the end of this road, which will have a healthy, pain-free daughter at the end of it!  Lots and lots of TLC has come her way; not only from loving parents, but family and friends as well.  Thank you for your prayers and well wishes, too. We feel them. ♥

I'll try to update when I can.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

TLC Time




Gonna take a little break and take care of my Sweet Girl as she recovers from surgery.

Thank you again for all your sweet well-wishes and prayers!  Be back soon. ♥

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hooray for the Red, White and Blue!

Our Sweet Girl's surgery is set for 9:45 am tomorrow. Thank you for all the well wishes and the prayers. You guys are the best!   ♥   Hey, I finally DID get that to-do list done! I'm enjoying a clean and peaceful house now, and I know I'll appreciate everything being in apple pie order even more in the next few days!


I hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend! I had so much fun.  There was a definite theme to my weekend -- red, white and blue!
Here are a few pictures capturing my weekend. Enjoy.

Fourth of July at Nob Hill

Here's our little house all decked out for Independence Day.

 All Decked Out

The shutter covers are a new addition this year.
We found them at our local  Target. Love 'em! ♥

Uncle Sam says Let Freedom Ring

Here's my Uncle Sam man that holds a flag and says "Let Freedom Ring".  Can you see the little bell at the bottom? I love his hair and beard. Found him in the crafty section of a grocery store, of all places. I couldn't resist grabbing him when I saw him years go...

 Home Grown Raspberries

Even my cooking followed the patriotic theme...
I picked red, red raspberries from my very own patch in back...

Red White and Blue

...then I added blueberries and white cream to the mix, to make this...

Red White and Blue Jello Salad

My Red White and Blue Jello salad for the 4th of July BBQ with my family later that day. I think it turned out all right! So pretty! It made a splash with the family when I brought it and every last bit was gone at the end of the day. Success! But that's not all...

Red White and Blues ready to go!

I also brought Elena's Red, White and Blues cookies! The recipe can be found here. Elena, the jello got me some "wows", but the cookies made me the belle of the ball BBQ! Everyone was raving over your cookies,  and my gourmet-caterer sister in law loved them-- high praise indeed! Thanks for sharing your recipe, Elena. You rock. :-)

 family BBQ1

We had a great time -- I love getting together with these people.
I love seeing all the cousins together!

Nob Hill Fourth 2009_2

Later that evening, the party moved to my house for a neighborhood/family fireworks get-together. Home-made ice cream, chips, more of Elena's cookies...
Here we are eating and waiting for dusk to fall. I think I love shooting off fireworks here in the neighborhood more than the big shows, with their big crowds and big ticket prices and expensive food....

 We even got a military fly-over!

Hey, we even got military fly-overs! (I just missed catching a picture of the fighter jets that flew over the house...) So there, big show -- we got everything you got!
Well, almost... our fireworks were not as big as yours...

 Nob Hill Fireworks

But we still got quite a show!


Family, food, fun and fireworks. It was a great Fourth.
Hope yours was, too.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Never-Ending To Do List

Oh, I'm way behind.

The family reunion is over, (so fun seeing everyone!) and the Fourth of July weekend was a blast (heh-heh, couldn't resist), with lots of fun food and fireworks.  I have pictures to share and posts to write, but I am only two-thirds down on this never-ending to-do list!

We got the word late last week: the Sweet Girl is up for tailbone surgery this Thursday. So, I'm up and at 'em, and getting my big to-do list out of the way now. A painful recovery is looming ahead for my girl, and I really don't want messy bedrooms, dirty floors, and piles of laundry competing for my time. I just want to play nurse, and be a "much-needed-Mom".

Keep us in your prayers this week.

Now, back to that list!

picture credit

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July!


It's a family reunion and the 4th of July -- you know it's gonna be fun weekend for me! :-)

<-----  Here's what I'm bringing to the big BBQ: I hope mine looks as pretty as the picture! Wish me luck.

Have a safe and happy Independence Day.

See you next week!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photo Tag

I got tagged by my friend, Michelle, to play photo tag. Here's how you play:

You go to your 1st photo folder, then to the 10th picture and do a blog post about the picture! I'm going to change the rules a little and let *you* pick the folder and then go to your 10th picture.   You then pick 3 people to tag and don't forget to mention the person who tagged you... ;-)

Thrift store chalkboard

Okay, here's my picture. (Sorry, I've got to cheat and post more than one picture about this, 'cause that first one is a terrible picture!) This is a beadboard chalkboard I found at a thrift store recently. This is it --  in its "before" state. It's got a chalk tray and little dowel holes for pegs (for keys?).

Chalkboard closeup

I think I'll fill those holes in, clean the whole thing up, and repaint it. I'm not real sure what I'm going to do with it right now -- probably put it in the kitchen -- I kind of wanted to see which direction my future updated kitchen will go before I committed painting it a particular color.

Can't you just see this displaying tonight's menu, or the quote of the day....?

thrift store chalkboard price

My kitchen and I are not quite ready for this project right now, but, at THAT price I knew this little chalkboard wouldn't wait for me there at the store! So I snagged it.

I look forward to fixing this little chalkboard up.

Someday. :-)


So, that's my story photo. Now it's your turn. I'm tagging:

Elena @ Manwaring Moments

Nicole @ The Daily Life of Us

Deanna @ The Poulsen Family


Can't wait to see your photos!