Monday, July 6, 2009

The Never-Ending To Do List

Oh, I'm way behind.

The family reunion is over, (so fun seeing everyone!) and the Fourth of July weekend was a blast (heh-heh, couldn't resist), with lots of fun food and fireworks.  I have pictures to share and posts to write, but I am only two-thirds down on this never-ending to-do list!

We got the word late last week: the Sweet Girl is up for tailbone surgery this Thursday. So, I'm up and at 'em, and getting my big to-do list out of the way now. A painful recovery is looming ahead for my girl, and I really don't want messy bedrooms, dirty floors, and piles of laundry competing for my time. I just want to play nurse, and be a "much-needed-Mom".

Keep us in your prayers this week.

Now, back to that list!

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Isabelle said...

hi, I hope that the procedure will go very well and that your daughter will recovery in the best possible way.

John & Michelle said...

Hi Wendy!
Love and prayers for you sweet girl! My advise, after my 4th back surgery...DO NOT let them put her IV in the top of her hand. They may say the DOC prefers it there...still don't let them. They'll make her get up to potty and walk before she can go home and in that spot it blows out and has to be redone. Between the elbow and wrist works fine!!! Tell us what time so we can pray

Rebekah said...

We will definitely be sending lots of prayers your way-- for all of you!!! Sending much love--

Deanna said...

Definitely lots of prayers on your behalf! Hope the surgery goes well and that you will get to be her much needed mommy. :) Best wishes!