Monday, October 12, 2009

All in One Day...

I think I'm gonna need another weekend to recover from this weekend! Sheesh. It wasn't even the whole weekend. It was just one day. Saturday, October 10th.

Maybe I should've seen the signs and hid on Friday. The flu found our daughter and she was home from school that day. Saturday would be a little more complicated with a sick Sweet Girl in the house, but I felt Mr. H could handle it. Full speed ahead!

The Making Strides Cancer Walk brochureTracy's Team

The day started before the sun came up. I was up early to catch a ride with my sister to the "Making Strides for Cancer" Walk at Liberty Park in Salt Lake. I walked with my the cancer walkWeight Watchers peeps. We were on Tracy's team -- she's the reason I lost 65 pounds 2 years ago. She is my coach and my friend. Love her! ♥

I love this part of the city; my grandparents lived right by this park, and Jen and I relived many memories of being very little and visiting this park with our Omi.

We had beautiful weather for the walk...uh...once the sun came up. Before that it was f-f-f-freezing. Brrr!

We walked, talked and laughed our way through the 4 mile course (and I was finally warm!) and then Jen and I drove home, stopping for shopping and lunch together in our bright green cancer walk shirts. LOL We got lots of stares, and even a few "thumbs up" from folks we passed. Thanks, Jen for a fun time -- the walkin' and the shoppin'! :-)

I spent an hour at home checking on everyone and then headed to a very yummy Raclette German dinner at the folks'. They had visitors from Germany staying with them, and we all had a nice time together. I'm sorry that Mr. H and the Sweet Girl couldn't be there -- she could have practiced her German with her Opa and the visitors there!


Heading home from the folks', I started feeling pretty pooped. I got home, and used up the last of my energy tidying up the house a little and getting the sick Sweet Girl's bedroom outfitted for the night (humidifier, tissues, etc.). I called down to Mr. H, telling him I probably was going to watch the weather on the news (if I could keep my eyes open!) and hit the hay. He came up and watched the news with me.

We were shocked wide awake with the leading story:

Bad News

Our high school's award-winning and nationally known marching band were returning from a competition in Idaho, and one of the buses crashed. Read the full story here. I live in a small town, and this community and especially the "band family" are a close knit group. This teacher was beloved anyway, and she died the way she lived -- serving her students. It's been a tender couple of days here in my little city. The high school kids are all wearing Sunday best at school today to honor this teacher.

There have been many tender tears at our house, too -- the Sweet Girl is isolated from all of this, being sick. Many of her friends are involved in the band and she can't be there today, to give hugs, get hugs, and help support and be a part of this. That's been very hard on her.

It was hard to sleep after news like this. Several of the kids in our neighborhood were on those buses, and Mr. H and I prayed that all were safe and would be home in their parent's arms soon.

Quite a day, huh? Not done yet...

The last thing we did before turning in was to grab tomorrow's chicken to thaw in fridge for Sunday dinner the next day. Scratch that. Everything was half-thawed already there in our little garage freezer! ACK! The freezer died! I guess I'll count blessings and say thank goodness everything was not spoiled...we quickly moved all our meat to the inside fridge... (we have been cooking meat for 2 days now, cooking up meals and then freezing them in the kitchen freezer to use later.)

Seriously!? Can this day PUH-LEASE be over now?




What a day.


Rebekah said...

What a day! Isn't it ironic that when you need sleep the most, you can't sleep? Argh.

I hope things calm down. Thanks for sharing those stories!

Deanna said...

I just read that news story today...happened just down from my neck of the woods! Just wanted to let you know I thought of you! Hope your household gets to feeling better. ♥

Mama Williams said...

O my goodness! No wonder you'll thinking pork chop recipes with all that meat! We were shocked by the news of the band as well. I hope the rest of your week is well...restful. :)