Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Countdown to Christmas

my traditional advent calendar

We're all counting days this month...the kids can't wait for December 25th, and well... the adults are counting down for a whole different reason! ;-) (can we get it all done in time?)

Every December, for as long as I can remember, I've received a German adventskalendar. The PeA brand is the one my German grandparents would send us every year. Now I make sure I find PeA's for my little family. It's just not Christmas for me without it! In fact, when we had a little family meeting about this year's Christmas, the feeling was unanimous. It's just not Christmas without advent calendars...

Since I was a little girl, the very first thing I would do every December day, is hurry down and open up the day's door and let the German chocolate melt on my tongue. I did that just this morning. LOL  Here's mine this year... complete with a German Oma! That little touch makes it completely wonderful.

 A calendar with an Oma

My very first advent calendar was also German, and from my dear Omi. Instead of having chocolates behind each door, there were beautiful pictures. The whole calendar was beautifully illustrated and glitter was on all the snowy parts of the picture. Magical.

Advent calendars add to the "magical" of this time of year, don't they? I've seen some pretty elaborate advent calendars out there -- I really like the house versions. What I really love is the idea I've seen of folks putting Christmassy activities in each door, to do each day, instead of toys or candy. What a great way to celebrate the season with your family.

How do you count down the days to Christmas? Do tell!


Mama Williams said...

O Wendy! We do the same at this house. I just got my kids their own calendar. I can remember the first one I got 8 years old. I ate the whole calendar in the car on the way to my baptism. It was an hour drive in a snow storm. Heehee!

Elena said...

HA! I've never heard that story from Julie before. Too funny. We have a felt Christmas tree that we hang tiny ornaments from each year. I made it the first year I was married. Poor thing is starting to look pretty beat up.

Rebekah said...

As you know, we are doing the Adventskalendar as well. It has been so fun to share this with the boys. Every morning they look forward to it. I hear them chiming, "Chocolate?" all through breakfast until we pull the calendar out.

So fun.

Wendy said...

*Through* breakfast? Silly sister. Chocolates first, *then* breakfast!

Love you. ♥