Thursday, December 31, 2009

Killing Time

a little 2009 voodoo

The last day of 2009. Hey, there's something to celebrate, and it's not even midnight yet!

As you can tell, Mr. H and I are not sorry to see old 2009 go.

The Sweet Girl's off at a neighborhood New Year's Eve party tonight, but Mr. H and I have elected to stay home and have a special party of our own. No guests over this year. 

Best not to have witnesses.

I don't know if I can describe our 2009 without using a four (or maybe even a *five*) letter word. Tonight's all about therapy payback. The theme? Killing Time. Take that,  2009! (yeah, that would be Mr. H's pin stuck where the sun don't shine!)

We went out on a fun date earlier today, to pick our mascot for this past year. Here he is:

Official 2009 Mascot

official 2009 mascot

Oh, the things we're gonna do to this guy at the stroke of midnight. The beatings will commence. (heh heh) We will then take a special pleasure in kicking this guy out our front door,  and slamming it behind him! Goodbye forever, 2009! It's gonna be a great night. Ya think Martha Stewart will steal my party idea?

Before you think today's all about murder and mayhem, take a look at what we did earlier this afternoon:

New Years Cookies

New Years Cookies ready to go

We made giant chocolate chip cookies, wrapped them up, and delivered a round of "midnight snacks" and New Year's best wishes to some of our favorite people here in the neighborhood.

We're very much looking forward to a new year. Bring on 2010!


Best wishes to you, too --  Happy New Year!!!


Mama Williams said...

Wendy! I love you! You crack me up. You are so creative and fun. Happy New Year! 2010 is bound to be great!

Elena said...

LOL! Too funny! I sure hope 2010 is kinder to you than 2009. Best wishes!!!

Rebekah said...

Girl, I'm still laughing about this. GOODBYE 2009!

I love the mascot!

Christine said...

Right with ya on the year end party!

But those cookies look so delicious. Good start to the year for those getting one.