Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Table for my Valentines

Valentine table setting

I didn't do a whole lot of decorating 'round the house for Valentine's Day this year, but to ignore the holiday completely at our house, would be a cardinal sin to at least one of our family members! Valentine's Day is the #1 holiday to our Sweet Girl. She's loved it her whole life. Look -- she even has valentine PJ's! :-)

Valentine jammies

Since the kitchen is truly the heart of my home -- we travel through it when we come home, and you can see the table from the front door -- decorating our table with a valentine theme was the perfect idea. I 'shopped the house', and came up with some sweet ideas. Here's what I used:

Valentine place setting-1

My trusty red tablecloth. He's the star at Christmas *and* Valentines. I try to buy a color of tablecloth I can use for multiple holidays.

Lacy placemats.  Can you believe they're vinyl? Easy-peasy to clean. Love it. Again, these are used for multiple holidays. I pull these out for Mother's Day, Easter, Spring dinners, etc.

Red heart plates from Target. ($2.99? Be still my heart!)

Aww, that looks like a valentine right there! But I added just a couple more touches to the table...

Valentine colors in apothecary jars. No budget for filling these babies to the brim with candy. (Although I love that look) Pretty tissue paper provided lots of fun valentine color for free!

Valentine jars 

A personal touch.  My favorite. A Valentine picture drawn by our daughter when she was five added such a sweet touch to the table and paid homage to our Valentine fangirl!

 Valentine art

There you have it. A table for my valentines...


Debbie said...

So cute Wendy! I loved the framed picture! We also treasure our picture from a little Sweet Girl!

Wendy said...

I remember that. I still get choked up thinking about that very special picture. ♥

Christine said...

I totally agree with your Sweet Girl, Valentine's Day is my favorite.
And look how you created such a festive table. Little money and lots of creativity. Very nice.