Friday, April 2, 2010

A New House

Its a Wonderful  Life Housewarming gift basket

No, not for me! For my sweet brother and his wife. These two have been through hell for the last few years, and today they move into their own home and get a little heaven! I am so happy for them!! These two are my heroes. I hope I can be like them when I grow up.

Here's a little housewarming gift basket I put together for them: it's based on the house blessing from "It's a Wonderful Life".  (you know I *love* that movie!) Do you remember that scene where George and Mary Bailey welcome Mr. Martini and family to their new home?

Mary: Bread... that this house may never know hunger.
[Mary hands a loaf of bread to Mrs. Martini]
Mary: Salt... that life may always have flavor.
[Mary hands a box of salt to Mrs. Martini]
George Bailey: And wine... that joy and prosperity may reign forever. Enter the Martini Castle.
[George hands Mr. Martini a bottle of wine]

Bread Salt and Wine

Here's what's in the basket:

  • ♥  salt, yummy specialty bread, and wine Sparkling Grape Juice (no one in my family drinks alcohol)
  • ♥  tags with Mary's house blessing attached to each item
  • ♥  a housewarming card

A housewarming gift basket -- simple and inexpensive -- but full of love and happiness for these two wonderful people! I love it when good things happen to good people. Bliss!


Elena said...

LOVE this!!!

Mama Williams said...

How sweet! I love all your little tags and details.

Heidi said...

This must also be a German tradition because my mom did the same for us when we moved into our home. Oh and she also gave us a penny, so that we would always have money in our pockets. :) Of course, hers didn't have the cute tags.

Is this the brother who was living out here in WA?

Christine said...

This is one of the best ideas I've seen for a house warming. Very well thought out. You put your special touches on it and that makes it complete.

Debbie said...

You are so amazing Wendy!!! I bet they loved it!