Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Menu

Heart Pancakes I'm lovin' that Valentine's Day is going to be on a Saturday this year -- I get to spoil my family without all the hurry and chaos of a school morning....

I'm planning a couple of cute things here; I'm going to make heart-shaped pancakes  in the morning. All I need is a stack of pancakes, a cookie cutter, some strawberry jam and a little powdered sugar in my sugar-shaker.

It's still winter (heavy sigh), and DH requested a warm comfort food for dinner -- French Dip sandwiches. Roast beef on homemade rolls (hello, breadmaker, my old friend! LOL) dipped in hot au jus sauce. Good choice, honey!

Here's what I'm planning on for dessert:

True Love Chocolate Cake


True Love Chocolate Cake! (How did they know chocolate cake was my true love?! I'm just kidding, Hon!) I found this in my Healthy Cooking magazine. (This cake is only 5 points a piece-- huzzah!)  I will have some conversation hearts left over from a project I did with the Sweet Girl ...



Ipod Valentine


...this one from Family Fun. This looks just like her Ipod, so of course, she was all over this cute Valentine idea for her friends.


Oh yeah, there are some simple but fun ideas for Valentine breakfasts over at No Fuss, heart sprinkles in your kid's Cheerios...heart shaped strawberry jam on toast...and more.... so cute. So easy.


What do you have planned for Valentine's Day? ♥


"The Queen in Residence" said...

It is going to be a great day with the family. Spending time together is the best way to share the love.♥

Mama Williams said...

Can I be your valentine? Yummy! Have a wonderful and sweet valentine's day.