Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A New Project

my coupon binder

Seriously. Who am I? I don't even recognize myself anymore.

While everyone's been laid up the past few days, I decided to take on a new project. Coupons. I can't believe I just wrote that. I have NEVER been interested in coupon clipping before, even in the worst of times. It's tedious. Time-consuming. Right? 

Well...maybe it's a "desperate times call for desperate measures" thing. I started considering it after seeing a couple of news stories on saving at the grocery store. I hate watching huge chunks of our tiny budget go to my grocery trips! So, I started looking into a few places on the internet for more info on how these couponing folks do it. The one with the most useable information (for free) was pinchingyourpennies.com.

Thanks to the internet, this couponing thing has gotten easier. For example, did you know -- you can put in your zip code and print out a shopping list that shows you all the awesome deals at the stores you shop at? That rocks.  I saw a video at Pinching Your Pennies on how to put together a coupon binder -- another way to streamline using coupons. Okay. Now they had me. I'm an office supply nut.

I put together my binder over the weekend(let me know if you want me to show you how I set it up), and we made a small trip to the store this evening and my total went down by ten bucks. Not too shabby! It wasn't tedious. Everything I needed was there,  just sitting in my binder. I just pulled out the coupons I wanted.

For this trip, I got Mr. H some drinkable yogurt (tastes oh so good when you have a very sore mouth):

  • ♦  regular price $4
    ♦  on sale for $2.50
    ♦  used a $1 off coupon printed from the internet
    ♦  and then used the store's doubler coupon -- so, it's now $2 off.
    ♦  That means we got a 32 oz. bottle for ..... 50 cents.

Heh-heh. (evil grin)  That's another thing that appeals to me. Getting a deal. Feeling like I'm getting away with something. Beating the system. But, there's a noble side, too --I'm helping the family in tight times.

Don't get me wrong. I'm never gonna be one of those Coupon Divas you hear about, but every little bit helps. I'll let you know how my new project goes...

Canning? Couponing? Seriously! Who AM I?



My Random Cooking Creations said...

That;s a great idea Wendy! In these hard economic times, its smart to watch your money! Whats the old saying? A penny saved, is a penny earned!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

Way to go!!! I keep thinking that would be something easy for me to do, but I am all about get it and get out and sometimes at any price. Let us know how it goes.....

On a side note, how is school going?

Anonymous said...

I love couponing! I think it's a fun challenge to sort through the grocery flyers and match coupons to sales on things we need. Have you learned yet that most places will let you stack a manufacturer's coupon on a store coupon? Target is a good example of this -- they offer their own coupons on their supertarget.com site.

I get daily emails from Money Saving Mom and Surving the Stores blogs -- they include ways to match up coupons and find great deals.

Have fun! Betsy

Wendy said...

Thanks for the tips, Betsy! I'll try those sites out. :-)

Mama Williams said...

I've been doing it for years! Good for you! Every little bit helps. I get 2 copies of the Sunday paper. Love the savings of 2 sets of coupons. One for this week. One for food storage. Good luck with your savings!