Monday, June 29, 2009

That Sinking Feeling

Okay, bad pun. But it fits, you'll see....

What do you do when you're unemployed/underemployed but needing to make some home improvements? You scale way back, make every penny count and get creative!

I live with an 1980's kitchen that was custom and pretty "awesome" back in the day. I have oak cabinets, and 80's wallpaper that matches the linoleum floor. I have a 20+ year old custom bisque colored stove and matching fridge...that matches the bisque countertops...that matches a bisque-colored sink.

Wait. Make that past tense. Matched.

Before, the old sink

Wow. That is not bisque colored anymore. This old sink has seen better days: it's chipped, scratched, stained and gross. I have scrubbed, bleached, and done everything I could to bring this sink back to its bisque glory days. Nuthin' doin'.

Mr. H and I thought long and hard about the improvements we want to make, and our current situation. We have plans for our little kitchen: but most of them will have to wait for better days. For now, a new stainless steel sink should update the look of the whole kitchen - and only for about $100! Good plan!

We measured the area  and left for Lowe's and came back with a beauty within our budget:

During, the future sink

I'm getting pretty excited at this point. I can't wait to see it installed and how it will look in my old kitchen. It should just be a couple of hours, and I get to go to bed with a gleaming new sink ready to go. Here's where that sinking feeling comes in...

the sinkhole

This is what I got to look at ALL weekend. A sinkhole in my kitchen. It seems that previous owners didn't waterproof the area before installing their sink. There was water damage and little to no solid countertop underneath to attach the new sink to! It was all rotted and crumbly. Bleh. Well, we called in our brother-in-law, Eric, to bring in his engineering brain and some big tools.  We ended up jerry-rigging some new wood underneath the countertop to support the sink and it worked like a charm. Yes!!

Here's what I'm taking away from this project:

  • ♦  Things will not go as easy as you think they will. Murphy's Law rules.
  • ♦  Brother-in-laws-named Eric rock.
  • ♦  So does Mr. H. ♥ He worked for hours to make this work.
  • ♦  Always do a job the right way, the first time.
  • ♦  It'll come back to haunt you (or those that come after you), if you don't.
  • ♦  Mr H. now agrees with me that a new countertop is a need and not a want. Woot!

OK, so take a look at the "after":

After, new sink finally installed!

What do you think?


Elena said...

I think I'm going to have to try REALLY hard not to be jealous if you get those new counter tops! :) I need new ones too, but hubby is still in the "want" phase. Hmmm...maybe I'll go see if I have some water damage somewhere. ;) Your new sink looks GREAT!!

Deanna said...

This looks FABULOUS!!! i'm impressed! :) Keep it up! Looks like you had a great girls' night out, too! LOVE the cake!

And I think I'm back to square one on NEVER ends, does it!

Rebekah said...

Wendy, I love this sink! It is sparkly and classy! What a nice thing to look at! Big claps on the back to Mr. H. and Eric!

Heidi said...

Hurray for the new sink!!! Now you have REAL sink reflections:) Just think how fun it will be to shine your sink! Hurray for wonderful BILs and Hubbies too. :) I'm dying for some changes in my kitchen. Like you I have the wonderful 80's palate, though I guess I got lucky that the countertops and sink are very neutral. But I'm SO ready to paint my oak cabinets!!!!!!! One of these days! But the next home improvement thing is going to be taking part of a wall down between our kitchen and family room!!!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

There is just something completely WONDERFUL about a new sink. I am so sorry that you got more then you bargained in the process, but still a new sink. I am so jealous. The house we are in has a (and I am not kidding) 4 inch deep sink. What can you wash in a 4" deep sink. Nothin I tell you!!! Enjoy your sink it looks fabulous!!!

Mama Williams said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! Isn't it amazing how little things make all the difference. (yes it's a big project, but a relatively small thing/improvement. I hope you know what I mean.)
I am getting itchy for projects myself. I've been shopping around for valances for the family room for ages. Wouldn't you know it. I found them at Target for $14.99 and rods for $4.99 at Ross. Yea for bargins! Way to go on your $100sink!