Friday, September 25, 2009

Sprinkles and Frosting

Thanks for the kind comments about my little dresser re-do!  I'm so glad I stopped saying "...gee, I wish I could do that", and just tried it! It was a fun project, and now it blesses my home. Lookin' forward to future projects!  :-)

Besides painting and sanding, there's another reason for my slow blogging lately-- it all goes back to a donut, actually... 

Last Sunday's quote was: As you wander on through life, sister/brother, whatever be your goal, keep your eye upon the donut, and not upon the hole. There's a reason I chose that quote for my words to live by. I've been in a 'blue funk' for a little while now.  I've been letting life get to me -- it does from time to time when I'm dealing with long-term trials. I get a little soul-weary and start to feel sorry for myself.  I've been focusing on that empty donut hole. 

Yep. It's there. But look at all those sprinkles and all that frosting! I'm missing out on the best part, and it's right in front of me! I have so many blessings  in my life (AKA sprinkles and frosting) that I'm ignoring by concentrating on what I don't or can't have.

I think the answer to my "donut dilemma" is gratitude. 

It's all about how I decide to look at things and where I choose to direct my attention. I'm going to focus more on the good in my life, and the good stuff that's happening now, everyday, and not look for it in some fuzzy future.  Something tells me life is going to feel much sweeter.

You don't have to tell a sweet-tooth like me twice -- I'm on the lookout for sprinkles and frosting!


Enjoy "The Donut Song" by Burl Ives over on the sidebar, on my Playlist. [scroll down]

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Heidi said...

I understand the blue funk you've been in. I'm there too. It's hard to see the donut and not the hole right now. (Did you get my email?)

Elena said...

I have never heard this song, ever! It's adorable. I'm glad you're now in a place where you can look for that donut. We all starting watching that darn hole once in a while. Thanks for the reminder that we all need to be more positive.

Mama Williams said...

I completely get it Wendy! I have been fighting the "hole" focus lately too. Almost quit blogging to. Feeling sorry for myself...
I love your dresser! What a great project. I haven't done one like that since we moved over 2 years ago. May be time to bust out the sander! Here's to you, finding balance, peace, joy and happiness. :) Thanks for being my blogging friend.