Monday, September 28, 2009

Dear September

September Apples

Dear September,

I love you so much. I love everything about you. Kids back in school, warm, mild days and cool nights, harvest time in the neighborhood when fruits and veggies get left anonymously on doorsteps, and gorgeous autumn color in the mountains above my home. Please don't go.  Stay.



September 2009 has been beautiful here in my corner of the world. It all comes to an end this Wednesday; not just on the calendar, but with the weather, too. The first cold storm of the season finds us on the 30th. While I'm very sorry to see my perfect September days end, I'm kinda looking forward to cozying up, too! Fall nesting is the name of the game this week.

See those apples from my neighbor's tree? They'll be transformed today into a fall favorite around here -- homemade apple pie glaze that goes perfect over vanilla ice cream. Here is the recipe I use. 

If we can convince a grumpy bear to come with us, we'll also take a quick jaunt up into the canyon and get some fall pictures of the family....

... happy fall, y'all!


John Heeder said...

You missed the best thing about September: Football!

Mama Williams said...

My favorite things too Wendy! I am hoping to get some photos of the family wiht all the pretty leaves too. Isn't fall the bestest ever?!

Deanna said...

Sounds DELICIOUS! Can't wait to see pictures!!!

P.S. - i confess to reading your "september" as "Stepmother" and had to read your post twice before I clued in...I'm going to attribute that to a foggy head with a cold! LOL!

Rebekah said...

I have been dreaming about apple crisp and vanilla ice cream. I am just waiting for those crisp Autumn days to come...soon!