Friday, October 23, 2009

A Full Week

Life brought a lot to us this week. I think I've experienced nearly every emotion I could feel this week! While still feeling heartsore, and attending high school band performances and memorials for band leader Heather Christensen -- news comes that a very dear neighbor's daughter passed away. Then, before the day was out we got the news AGAIN. Another dear neighbor's daughter had lost her life, in a totally separate circumstance! These were two girls that grew up in this neighborhood, roamed all over and visited as teenagers and grew up and made their way in the world.  So, they were well known and much loved.

So, so sad.  News then came down that a young father in the neighborhood was rushed to the hospital sick as could be. Another hour we were told, and he wouldn't have made it. He's still in the hospital now, on his 4th surgery. Hopes are high, though.

Oh my goodness, my little Nob Hill neighborhood is reeling! We are a close bunch that take care of each other, and this has been hard.

In the midst of heartache for others, Mr. H and I have had a little ourselves. He interviewed for a job I can only describe as *golden* not too long ago. We were so hopeful.  He interviewed with an old colleague, and the benefits and perks were dreamy. Super-stable company...and all of this only 5 minutes away from our home. No commute!  We found out this week that Mr. H was the bridesmaid, and not the bride, to coin a phrase. They chose someone else.

We were both SO disappointed. We were so very ready to lay this unemployment burden down and have some safety and security! Mr. H's contract has kind of dried up the past couple of weeks, too, so the insomnia nights and crushing worry is back, especially as we look forward and see the holiday season looming.  :-( (heavy sigh) It looks like that autumn gold in my last post is the only gold we're gonna see...

I hope you'll forgive me for not updating this week, as you can see a lot has had my attention. I also hope you'll forgive my little moan today -- I know there are so many others that have it much worse than we do. I'm trying to count my blessings as much as possible, and trying to stay positive and support Mr. H. I can tell you that our little family is weary, weary, weary of this, though....


On a happier note, I had a birthday this week, and my dear family and friends did their best to help me forget my troubles and have a very happy day.

It started with waking up to the Happy Birthday song being sung somewhere in the dark. Mr. H and the Sweet Girl were waking me up to breakfast in bed with all kinds of yummies and cards on trays (and had no more hands to flip the light switch on, LOL). Awww, they both got up extra early to cook me breakfast and have a little party with me before school started. Mr. H tweaked a french toast recipe to make it more point friendly for me. Isn't that sweet?

birthday cards

The cards were so great, and the Sweet Girl got me a scarf that I love  -- it  will go with my pretty winter coats. Love it! Mr. H laughed as he presented me with a pink "Snuggie" -- you know, like from the infomercial?  LOL

The thing is, I get cold easily and this will be the perfect thing for cozy movie nights in the family room in the basement! Thanks, Mr. H! I tried it out, and when my family saw how much I genuinely liked it, they started to crow about wanting their own Snuggies! Hilarious.

My sister Jen, stole me away for a girl's day out and we shopped and lunched and laughed our heads off together. It was the BEST time, and I forgot all my troubles. Jen got me a wonderful perpetual calendar that I just love. I *adore* the number fonts!  Jen, I will be living off that decadent brownie we ordered for the rest of the year! Thanks for the spoiling!perpetual calendar

the 5000 point brownie 

I got lots of calls and messages throughout the day, and needless to say, I felt loved and special: I am blessed with wonderful friends and family members. And, can I just honor my husband here? He put aside his own sore heart and went to all the effort to spoil me and give me a happy day. What a guy. ♥ You are my hero, Honeyman!

It was just this girl needed. Although still soul-weary and sad, I do feel buoyed up and ready to keep fighting the good fight. How can I lose with such blessings all around me? I know the Lord is mindful of our little family and wants us to succeed. He is sending help in many ways already:  another interview today at 2pm, and friends and family flocking around with prayers, good thoughts, help and concern.

Autumn in Provo Canyon-1

autumn in Provo Canyon, 2009

...and this year's fall here has been so beautiful!  That also feeds my soul.

I'm blessed. ♥

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Elena said...

Oh my....some sad news from your front. I didn't even think about you knowing the band teacher! Tell me your daughter wasn't on one of those buses! As I was driving home from my sister sneak in UT, we passed that horrible accident. And all your other deaths....that's a lot to shoulder. I'm so sorry you didn't get the job. But you have such a lovely attitude about everything. hang in there!!! And glad you had a wonderful birthday mixed in the middle of everything!

Heidi said...

Oh dear Wendy I forgot your birthday!!!! I feel AWFUL!! I hope you had a wonderful day. It sounds like you were successfully spoiled as you should be! So glad about that.

SO SO sorry to hear about the job stuff. We are in the midst of job interview after job interview and no offers. :( A lot of sleepless nights around here too. I can relate. Poor Michael, a friend of his recently said that he's never seen someone who is unemployed work so hard and so much! So true. He works 8 hours a day 5 days a week trying to email/call/contact/network trying to get SOMETHING. Everyone says he's got such a great and "indemand" skillset but it doesn't do you any good if no one is offering you jobs. ;( We were hoping that by the beginning of the month he'd be employed but it's not looking that way right now. SO hard and so frustrating.

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for both of our families. You've sure had a lot of hard times in your little corner of the world. Things here keep marching on but the stress continues and never leaves. I know you know. *hugs* And belated Happy Birthday Wishes!!!!

Robyn said...

I'm sorry things have been so difficult for you lately, Wendy! I've been having some gray days myself, so I haven't updated my blog lately, nor paid much attention to my friends. Happy Birthday, late! I'm glad it was a good day. Take care of yourself, and keep the faith!

Mama Williams said...

O Wendy Dear! Happy Belated Birthday! I am so glad you got a much deserved "spoiled" day!
I send My deepest sympathies to you. When it rains it pours, but you do have a way (a gift) to always look for the flowers. Hugs to you!