Monday, November 9, 2009

King for a Day

Mr. H and the Sweet Girl 

Mr. H had a birthday last week! Despite a terribly tight budget, the Sweet Girl and I were determined to show our favorite guy a good time! The day started out with a small coronation -- complete with a kingly crown,  and a breakfast made to order -- "shipwreck". Shipwreck is all the breakfast foods out there (scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage, hash browns) all mixed together. It looks like a shipwreck. Get it?

King for a Day 

After cards, a gift and the birthday song, we gals got 'purtied' up for a trip to Salt Lake. Lunch was at one of Mr. H's favorite spots to eat -- the Lion House Pantry right on Temple Square. Oh my heck; the food there is to die for! The next time I'm going, I'm gonna pass all the delicious entrees and desserts, and load my plate up with nothing but Lion House rolls and their famous honey butter! Yummers. Everything was soooo good. Good choice, Mr. H!

We took a few pictures on Temple Square afterward, and even though the fall weather looked absolutely gorgeous, the cold wind chilled us to the bone!  Brrr.  We didn't stay out too long.

Mr. H enjoyed being "king-for-the-day" for the remaining hours of his birthday. No honey-do's. No chores. No errands. No nagging about hours on World of Warcraft or computer time. He was the King. And kings don't do nothin' they don't want to. :-) He proclaimed to his Queen later that evening that it had been a very good day.

Happy Birthday Mr. H

Happy Birthday, Mr. H!
We love you!


Linda said...

Happy Birthday to the King in your family! Glad his day was so special!

Deanna said...

Oh, indeed, Happy Birthday wishes are in order!

Thanks for your sweet comment. Isn't it amazing how much these little children learn so quickly. I don't think I give my boys enough credit. :)

I, too, have adopted that "awive" phrase any time I am down or tired...just keep being "awive", and it'll all be okay. :)

♥ Deanna

Heidi said...

Oh Happy Happy Belated Birthday to the handsome King!!! So glad you had a nice day! You all look fantastic in the pictures. Your Katy-girl is getting so grown up and more and more beautiful!

I'm sitting here on pins and needles hoping to have some good news to announce soon. Let's just say that we are hoping that by the end of the week Michael will be employed again. It's been a LONG, LONG, LONG journey to get there. He's had 14 interviews with the company we hope he will be working for and probably another 25 more that haven't really panned out. You know how that is.

Sending big hugs your way and warm, kindred wishes to all of you!

Rebekah said...

Many Happy Returns to THE KING! He is very kingly, indeed!