Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Good Ship Christmas


So, how are your December days going? Ours have been full! Full of errands, events, to-do lists, birthdays, Sinterklaas, anniversaries, blessings, and even some changes here and there.

This last week, I felt like I was on a ship being swept along by the powerful current called December Days. The calendar I go by has gone from monthly to daily -- you know, the kind where you plot out hour-by-hour where you'll be and what you're doing? Yeah. And I bet your December days look just like mine. :-)

Our "feast of the heart" continues. I have felt content and happy, despite reality encouraging quite the opposite reaction. You could say I'm enjoying the voyage this year, despite some choppy seas. I'm wrapping myself up in the music, the decorations, Christmas books and movies, the snowy weather, some service projects, and yep, even the crazy December schedule. Being this busy must mean I have a lot to celebrate, and lots of friends and family to do it with!

Posts and pictures coming soon...

So, how's your December voyage so far?

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Deanna said...

December has been full and happy, indeed a holiday rollercoaster! :)

Looking forward to the second half of the month, though!

Mama Williams said...

I nearly "drowned" today in all my December-ness. But I survived! One successful R.S. Christmas Dinner and Piano recital down. On to birthday and concerts tomorrow.