Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Vegas, Baby!

Finally, a post about our trip! My daughter and I had a wonderful time. We went down with my sister and her kids. The hubbies stayed home -- at our house, anyway, it was a
Girls Only Getaway!

As expected, it was very hot down there. One afternoon, I stepped out of the car, and felt that I was standing in front of an open oven! You know, that blast of heat you feel when you open the door to a very hot oven? Wow. But all was forgiven as we arrived at my sister's beautiful home and said hello to her wonderful backyard pool. My sweet girl was treated to a midnight swim; she had the pool all to herself -- they even turned on the colored lights for her. She was in heaven....

Deb and Cory really know how to spoil you, and they lived up to their reputation. We enjoyed good food and good company. We swam and swam all day. The pool was delicious; it took super-human effort to get yourself out. I admit I was weak; I stayed in the pool ALL day and have the red, painful, peeling shoulders to prove it. I don't care! It was *worth it*!!! After the the pool party, we visited one of the many outlet malls they have there. Holy Hannah! How much fun was this!? The prices were awesome, and back-to-school shopping is all but done! That evening we watched one of Deb's favorite shows and snacked on Jen's "You're Gonna Hate Yourself in the Morning Guacamole" recipe (seriously? you *cannot* stop eating this guac!) and ice cream. Hate me -- I was swimming *all* day people! I had an opening for some junky calories! LOL

The next day found us touring the Strip. I got a kick out of Mel Torme Way and Frank Sinatra Drive...

We picked one casino. Just *one* (Caesars) and spent three hours looking around. We took pictures of all the high end stores and bought some souvenirs like a good little tourist should. There was plenty to see, and all on a grand scale. It was so much fun.

There were many pictures with a monkey in them on this trip. We have a little nephew that is crazy for monkeys right now. So, we bought a monkey and "Flat Stanley-ed" him. This little monkey was everywhere in Las Vegas! We have pictures of him playing slots, swimming at the pool, visiting Tiffany's, Jimmy Choo, Spago, Cartier... he even hung out with his homey, Caesar! Here's a shot of him traveling home. The rest of the pictures are for our nephew. We're making a book of monkey's adventures in Vegas. Hopefully he will love it. (That is, if I can get my new computer set up!)

Thanks to Deb and Cory for a fabulous time!
Thanks for spoiling us!
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John Heeder said...

I'm going on the next trip!

I'll even try this cool invention called "sunscreen" I've heard about. It seems that "sunscreen" may prevent sunburns.

I'll do more research and get back to you on it.

Meantime, great post! Makes me smile.

Wendy said...

*such* a smart alec. :-)

Rebekah said...

Monkey lovin'!