Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's a Small World

I can't help thinking about the movie Tron this week as slowly, slowly I am building my little cyber-world back up. I've looked back on this week and laughed at myself for feeling so lost and kerfuffled, just because my little computer world was destroyed. Hmph! I betcha this guy was really responsible, just waiting for his chance --

...and saw it while I was away on vacation...yeah, yeah...that's it. There was an epic battle, and my good guys lost...but I'm back -- to rebuild this world!! (cue the swelling inspirational music) ;-)

The reality is we've discovered that pretty much everything installed on my old computer would not install on the new one. Too old. So, I have traded 'too old and comfortable' for 'too expensive and unfamiliar', as we continue to buy all new gear for the new set up. Drat my frugal, practical and curmudgeon-ly ways! We're almost all restored. Just a couple of programs left to buy. And, we still have the old directory re-build waiting for us. Oh well. Building a world takes more than a day. Some folks take 6 or 7, at least...

In the meantime, I think I'll get my hands on a copy of Tron and pop some popcorn. Anybody wanna join me?

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