Monday, July 7, 2008

The Lazy(?) Days of Summer

We had a busy weekend. The 4th was just the beginning... Saturday, DH and I devoted ourselves to yard work. We trimmed, mowed, pulled weeds, edged -- pretty much polished up what we've got done so far in the yard. With major projects underway or waiting in the wings, it wasn't perfect. (But as my friend, the Nester, says -- it doesn't have to perfect to be beautiful.) Our front flower bed is still empty (awaiting some shrubs later in the season), but the red geraniums on the porch and hanging baskets were blooming. Old Glory waving and red, white and blue buntings on the porch railings rounded out the decorations.

Our neighborhood and ward are one and the same, and this summer we've been having 'walkabouts'. This is where after church (and after our Sunday dinners) we all get to come out and walk around to our neighbors' houses and sit and visit (and hopefully eat, LOL) in their front yards/porches. I love this! Three to five families are chosen to host each time. We were one of the walkabout families this time. (Hence the sprucing up.) We laid out quilts on the lawn, pulled out all our extra chairs, including the wicker, and set out a rectangular table covered with my linen colored and red tablecloth, layered. Cookie platters and two large jars filled with Jen's Water Punch, 2 ladles and 4th of July napkins were laid out on the table. Why am I describing in detail? Yep, that's right! I forgot to take pictures! Too busy...too much visiting. But, really wasn't that the point of the whole thing? We actually had some folks stay so late, the porch lights had to be turned on! I would say it was a success -- I'm so pleased people felt so comfortable staying and chatting.
One of the secrets to our success was the water punch. People strolled up, *asking for it*. It was perfect for a July evening, and it *did* look very refreshing in the huge glass jars I used. I found these 'Heritage Hill' jars at Walmart, for $12 each. 12 bucks, people!

I wish I took a picture of how the punch looked on my serving table. Here's a picture of someone else's version to give you an idea of how it looked. (picture credit:

I like my sister's recipe better, with the citrus fruit cut up smaller and loads of pebble ice... Ours was filled to the brim (and refilled, and refilled...) Thanks, sis! You rock! Here's the recipe: enjoy.
Life is good... and busy... and not lazy.

Jen's Water Punch
This is a delicious citrus party punch. Make sure to make enough; everyone will refill their glass!

2 ½ quarts water
2 ½ quarts pebble ice (get this at the butcher block or a Sonic restaurant)
2 ½ cups sugar
1 T citric acid (get this in the pharmacy area)
1 T lemon extract
2 limes (diced, do not peel)
2 lemons (diced, do not peel)
2 oranges (diced, do not peel)

Mix the water mixture first, then add ice. Add other ingredients next. Dice the fruit bite-sized, so that the fruit will fit in cups or glasses. Stir. Serve. Get ready to refill glasses... : )


Rebekah said...

Thank you for posting that recipe! What a fun neighborhood event! We had a 4th of July Neighborhood event, too, only the theme of the party was: If we invite everyone, no one calls the cops. Nice.

Tami said...

Looks very refreshing! I love the jar that you used.