Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Autumn Inspirations: Crafts to Fall For

Leaf Placecards

I love to make things that are big on looks, and teeny on price and skill. :-) I found this project in the September/October 2008 issue of Victoria. Autumn leaf place cards. Gather some fall leaves, cardstock paper, a pencil, some twine and ribbon. Trace one of the leaves onto the cardstock, making as many paper leaves as you'll need. Write the person's name on the paper leaf. Add two of the real leaves, one in front, one in back.

Wrap the leaves with twine, and then tie the twine around ribbon to create an easy but beautiful place card. I love the way they look with the deep brown napkins.


Pushpin Autumn Candles

Another quick autumn idea is from Holiday Crafts, 2008 issue. White ball pins change plain pillar candles into Autumn/Halloween messages.  The directions say, "If you've got a steady hand and you're fearless, eyeball the position of the pins. Otherwise, use a computer-printed letter and prick placement holes into the candles before pushing your pins in place."

By the way, look on page 26 in Holiday Crafts, 2008: you'll find a plate that Kijsa from Ask Kari and Kijsa did! Find it here on their blog.

Two projects with the perfect mix of Martha and Fru-Gal -- enjoy!

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Mrs. B said...

I love the leaves on the napkins! Simple and very elegant. I saw Kijsa's plate in that magazine. I love seeing people I "know" from blogland in magazines! It's kind of like knowing celebrities or something.