Monday, September 29, 2008

What Season Is It?

Okay, so the calendar says one thing (it's officially autumn) and the temps say quite another (85 degrees forecasted the rest of the week). No wonder my front yard doesn't know if it's coming or going! All these pictures were taken the very same day.



an overachieving maple dropping its leaves early


Late Autumn:

it is not November it is September



geraniums in September


Will somebody please tell me what season it is?



Elena said...

Looks exactly like my yard. I've just quit watering my flowers cause I'm ready to be done taking care of them. However, I think they look better than they did all summer long. Crazy weather.

Mrs. B said...

I know exactly what you mean! Last week it was cooling off, and the leaves are starting to turn, but on Saturday it was 97 degrees! I think the weather has bi polar disorder or something!

Pattie said...

I guess we should be grateful, eh? The snow will fly soon enough! Well, at least for some of you... ;-)

Nice photos, Wendy. Thanks for sharing.