Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What's on Your Nightstand?

Thanks to the black plague the flu, I've been spending some quality time in my bedroom, resting. This wasn't the 'bon-bon' kind of resting -- this was the 'somebody put me out of my misery' resting. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit. :-) I did feel pretty bad, but DH took really good care of me, even when he wasn't feeling so hot himself. I did have time to catch up on some reading... my nightstand is usually piled pretty high with a stack of things I want to read, but hardly ever have time for.

So... what's currently on my nightstand? Hmmm. This is gonna be a snapshot of me and my life right now!

**My scriptures

**My church magazines (sometimes going back a few months) *sheepish grin*

Victoria Mag


The latest issue of Victoria magazine: this is my little get-away. The pages are filled with inspiration, great articles and beautifully shot photographs. My "snippet" version of ..."Calgon...take me away!"


The Change Your Life Quotebook
The Change Your Life Quote Book , by Allen Klein. "Over 600 wise and wonderful quotes to inspire and motivate". I'm a nut for quotes anyway, but at this "bend in the road" time in my life, these really do inspire me. Don't be surprised if you see a few of these quotes here on the blog.

The IT Girl's Guide to Blogging With Moxie The IT Girl's Guide to Blogging with Moxie, by Joelle Reeder and Katherine Scoleri. Got this book a little while ago, 'cause I'm a newbie blogger and trying to learn all about the blogosphere. A sassy, brassy tech guide written for women. It's a hoot to read, and I found it really useful. Like the authors say, "Being a geek is oh-so chic!" :-)

 Loving Firmness
Loving Firmess
, by Corrie Lynne Player, M.ED. The tagline is 'successfully raising teenagers without losing your mind." LOL Love this book. Not that the Sweet Girl is anything but my sweet girl, but....she is a teenager. This book's schtick is to use tough love, balanced with deep affection and a soft touch. She has a profound understanding of the teenage brain. The author has a great way with words. This is my go-to book  for parenting teens.

Do What You Are

Do What You Are, by Paul D. Tieger and Barbara Barron-Tieger. This book allows you to explore career planning through your personality type (Myers Briggs personality types). I'm getting ready for the next bend in the road for me... Interesting reading.


So, that's me in a nutshell. What's currently on your nightstand?


Pattie said...

Hi Wendy -

You sound a little perkier than yesterday. I'm glad to hear it!

I have that little quote book, too - and a sequel, as well. Aren't quotes great? I take such strength and encouragement from the wise words of others. They've helped me through many a bend in my road, as well!

Continue to rest, ok? :-)

Mrs. B said...

I think getting to spend time reading is the only good thing about being sick! That Blogging With Moxie book looks fun! I may have to get that one. What's on my nightstand? Whatever current book I'm reading (or two), lip balm, hand lotion, a crossword puzzle (or several), a notebook to write down all those random things that pop into my head when I'm trying to go to sleep so I don't forget them in the morning, and water. And a picture of my hubby and a card that he recently gave me. Just as a reminder of how sweet he is. Hmmm... I think I need a bigger nightstand! Hope you feel better soon!

Joelle said...

Thanks for picking up our book and for posting about it, too! I'm happy to hear it was helpful *and* fun to read. :)

On my nightstand is "Dress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim" by David Sedaris and "Eat Pray Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert, which is on it's second go-round.

Thanks again! Happy Blogging!