Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Books

Christmas Books

Do you find there are little things that you and your family do every year at Christmastime? And if you didn't, it just wouldn't be Christmas? Lots of little traditions that weave themselves together to make it special...  Yep, me too.

One of the things I love about Christmas are Christmas stories. We collect another book or two every Christmas. We keep them in a basket, out where anyone in the house can grab a Christmas story, curl up in a chair and get cozy.

Christmas Book basket

Some of my favorite memories have been... reading "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" aloud and then not being able to finish the last of the book because I was crying so hard! LOL Pulling out the old Little Golden books of Rudolph, Frosty and Santa's Toy Shop and feeling like I'm 5 years old again looking at the pages...and last year when our little toddler nephew Matthew was here -- he was crazy for Frosty the Snowman! We read that book over and over, and we danced and sang the song together endlessly! :-)

Does your family have favorite Christmas stories/books? Please share! (Remember, I'm collecting!)

One more thing -- here's a Christmas Book and Activity Advent at the Crafty Crow blog.  You get a Christmas book to read and an activity to do every day. Love it!


Deanna said...

Hello! Our family Favorite is "Snowmen at Christmas" & "The Polar Express". Read them every year! (and almost every day...the snoman one has hidden pictures that make reading the book over and over so much fun, even for me!!!)


Mama Williams said...

We love books! My kids put them on their wish list this year too. I just pulled out several to place on the coffee table. I like the basket idea.
"The Year of The Perfect Christmas Tree" by Gloria Houston
"Nutcracker" E.T.A. Hoffmann

Anonymous said...

I like your basket for keeping the books corralled. I put ours on a sitting area in the foyer and our preschooler likes to scatter them everywhere!

Ours includes several board books about the Nativity and Away in a Manger. One that I've read perhaps 500 times this week to the little guy is CARL'S CHRISTMAS by Alexandra Day. No words - just beautiful illustrations of the dog Carl and how he takes care of Baby on Christmas Eve.


Debbie said...

I was at Deseret Book the other day and saw that a hardback book of President Monson's talk A Christmas dress for Ellen has been made. The illustrations are fabulous!! Thank you for getting our collection started by recommending "If you're missing Baby Jesus." Love you!

Elena said...

Yes, we collect Christmas books here too. Such fun. I wanted to wrap them all this year and open one each night as a count down to Christmas thing, but my kids were too excited and read most of them in one day. I need a cute basket like you have for mine. Right now they're just piled under the tree.

Elena said...

Just had to add one of my favorites from under my tree. Christmas Gifts by Janeal Mecham.