Thursday, February 26, 2009

Filling our Sails

Filling Our Sails

I'm in the second week now of my "me" class, as my friend, Deanna , calls it --  inspiring stuff.

Not the day-dreamy, hearts-and-flowers-kind of inspiring; more the useful, empowering, can-do, make-your-dreams-happen-and-here's-how kind of inspiring. Oh ya. That's what I'm talkin' about...

One thing I read last week that really struck a chord was this:

There are two ways to react to change -- let it buffet you about like a strong wind or you can use it to fill your sails and help you get where you want to go.

Don't you just love that?

Look at that picture there; those clouds are stormy and dark. The waves are splashing on the side of the little boat -- but those folks are in control and sailing. Proactive. That's where I want to be.

I would so regret looking back on this time, if I had just stood there on the shore, fussing and yelling "I hate this wind!!" ('cause I do, you know). What if I kept my head and stopped focusing on the storm? What if I grabbed this change-filled, scary time and used it as an opportunity to make something wonderful happen?

I have a feeling that if I have enough faith (and courage) to fill my sails, the Captain's gonna help me steer my course.

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Elena said...

Yes, it's nice to gain control of our own little ships, isn't it? Good for you for tackeling the wind.

Rebekah said...

Wow. What a powerful statement! I hadn't ever thought of it that way, but it's so true.

Mama Williams said...

I love that so much, I'm stealing it! Personally, I don't like wind...but I'm ok if I can at least steer the ship?
You go Wendy! Where YOU want to go.

Deanna said...

Wow! I loved this post! This is exactly the predicament I've found myself slipping into...letting the wind blow me about, and not taking control of where I'm being blown!

For me it's not necessarily the wind - it's more of not knowing how to harness it and use it in a productive way.

Thanks for your perspective and your thoughts...You just made my day!