Thursday, February 19, 2009

The First Step

Inspiration! 2

I started my online class this week... it's my first step toward the new chapter in my life. This class is going to give me the strategies to act like a CEO of my own life -- to be in charge and purposefully plan the next bend in the road. I'm excited!

I told Mr. H that I wanted to get a cute binder to hold my class supplies in, and well...he rolled his eyes because he is all too familiar with my office supplies sickness...he smiled and said, 'I knew you would!' So, I looked around for some cute patterned binder that would add to the inspiration I would get from the class. Nada. Couldn't find what I wanted.

What's a girl to do, except make her  own? Time to shop the house.  I just grabbed a plain ol' white binder -- the kind that you can slip stuff into the front and back covers -- and filled it with a collage I made of old Mary Englebreit day by day calendar quotes I kept in a drawer. All of them are inspiring and empowering quotes; perfect for me... and it fits my class to a T! Love it!

Inspiration Binder 2

Can't wait to see what's around the bend....


Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Great job with the binder.Good luck with the class....m..

Deanna said...

ahhhh, Mary Englebright! I probably just spelled her name wrong, but ME is just what you need if your taking a class on YOU! :) Love it!!! ♥ (thanks for the pointers on the hearts, btw!)

Heidi said...

LOVE the binder! Much cuter than anything you could buy! I also keep inspirational calendar pages but never really know what to do with them! What class are you taking?

Looks like we'll be joining you on the search for employment all too soon. Every day that Michael comes home I think he's going to drop the bomb that he's been laid off. Ugh. Stress! *hugs*

Isabelle said...

I'm curious : what is your class about ?

(Isabelle, from the true_ks group)