Friday, February 27, 2009

Just Us Girls

girly girl scrapbook paper heart

Well, we sent Mr. H off on his Las Vegas get-away this morning, with highlighted, blinking lights, underlined-in-red instructions to 1). Forget his troubles and 2.) Have a good time. He's been carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, worrying about everything.

I have no doubt that he'll be spoiled to death by my sweet sister, Deb and her hubby. They are very good at that. (yeah -- this is the same sister that's been sharing her recipes here; you know, the incredibly talented, Martha one.)

♥ Huge hugs ♥ to both of them for flying my Mr. H out there to get away from the stress and worry that are just part of our job-searching days right now.

I plan on working on some house projects, diving into the new materials I just got from my on-line class, and cozying up with a good read later on tonight. (Maybe I need to pull out some DVD's and visit my other boyfriend, Mr. Darcy. LOL) The Sweet Girl made my favorite chocolate chip cookies last night...

We're all set.

(Miss you, Mr. H!)

Hope you have a fun weekend planned for yourself, too!

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John Heeder said...

I'm trying to not think of you, but you're still there.

Just wait untill you see the picture of me and the mermaid!

Love you. Thanks for thoughts.