Wednesday, February 18, 2009

What a Weekend...

So, how did we get Valentine's Day and President's Day all on the same weekend?  Nice!

We had a nice Valentine's Day -- the Sweet Girl was spoiled by friends (candy, cards and chocolate galore -- even flowers!) and we surprised her with a huge poster-sized love note in her lunch on Friday. We three had a really nice time on Saturday, with a cozy dinner at home. The dinner and dessert turned out great, and it was fun to spoil my family and throw away our troubles for a few hours. Valentine's Day table

It was all on the frugal side this year, but there were a few Valentine surprises in store for us -- sneaky Mr. H gave me a on-line course with a local university I had been talking about, and he got a getaway to Las Vegas courtesy of my sweet sister, Deb and her hubby, who live there. He's gonna have a great time. He can't wait. I'm so excited for him -- I love it 'cause he's getting a change of scenery. Just what the doctor ordered for someone slogging it out every day with job searching. Deb and Cory, you rock! ♥

Vintage cat valentine

President's Day found us with kids home from school, a lazy, sleep-in morning, and a visit to the new Draper Temple Open House.

Now our thoughts turn to taxes. Bleh. We're getting them done on Friday and that is decidedly the most unromantic thing I can think of! The holiday is officially over. LOL

How was your weekend? ♥


"The Queen in Residence" said...

I was at the open house with my family too. So funny that we could have been there together and not known it!!! Was that not wonderful too!!!! I am taking my kids to all the open-houses in the area, what a blessing for them to be so close to so many temples. We did Twin Falls over the summer, Draper and when it is done we will do Oquirrh Mountain. Today I am doing a colage of the temples and family pictures for their rooms. I want them to see themselves at the Temple so that when they are older it is not so hard to do.....

Love the cake I am going to make that one today....we need something sweet around here.

Vincent Lee said...

Ugh. Valentine's Day was awful. Two of my close friends were planning to go out on a date with their girlfriends together, but one of the girls invited two other female friends to go with them. I mean, come on, it's supposed to be a date, not just hanging out, you don't bring a ton of friends to a date. So they brought me along too (I don't have a girlfriend so I had nothing else to do), and I tried to smooth over tensions between everyone but it didn't really help. We were out for all day, and it all got ruined because they invited friends. One friend's date was completely ruined, his girlfriend barely even talked to him, she was too busy talking to her two female friends. The other friend very nearly broke up with his girlfriend.

President's Day was a lot better. Nothing happened at all.