Friday, May 22, 2009

Finish Strong

I've been super busy this week (like everyone else, I suspect). In addition to my already crazy May schedule, I've been helping my girl finish up the last "real" week of school.

Core testing, finals, projects, packets and finishing up miscellaneous make-up work have just about done her in. She's tired. She's worked hard for a long time, and she's ready to be done. We've encouraged, supported, and cheered her on the past couple of weeks -- telling her to finish strong.

Hmmm. I think there's a message in there for me, too.

Popeye Strong to the Finish

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Rebekah said...

Yea! Today is Friday, so all that hard stuff will be finishing up for her today!

Hope that your "Friday" is coming up soon, too!

We are cheering for all of you!

Deanna said...

Thank you for your sweet comment!

I enjoyed your post about laboring for those you love. Isn't it true! Thank you, again!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

Hey lady, I am sending you all my brain energy so that your adventure in school will be a successful one. I know that it is really scary to be going back to something you thought you were done with, but I am gonna let you in on a secret - come closer - instructors love us seasoned gals. We are structured, we want/need to be there and we work REALLY hard to get those "A's" and they love giving them to us. So sit in the front, raise your hand and never think for one minute that what you have to say is not beneficial to all those in the room -it is!!! Good luck and may the journey be a good one for you!!!