Monday, May 4, 2009

New Shutters

Mr. H and I have been on the lookout for home improvement projects that can be done on our current shoestring budget. Here's one we did the other weekend -- new shutters on the house. Cost? Zero!  That works.

Mr. H putting on new shutters

These shutters were bought last year before the job loss, and put away in the garage when the cold weather hit. Our old white shutters were brittle and yellowing -- but I forgive them. They faced west and took the heat of the sun every summer afternoon for twenty years. Poor babies.

Here's before:

shutters before

...and here's after:


I know. Not too huge of a change. We were joking that we were adding sub-conscious curb appeal. It would make a difference, but no one would know why, or notice, but us. Kinda like bleaching your teeth... LOL   So, say cheese, little house! You're looking good!


Linda said...

I've always loved outside windows with shutters on them. It's looking good!

Mama Williams said...

We all need a little cosmetic touch up once in a while (or every 20 years!). Looks good!

Heidi said...

We've talked about putting shutters on our house since we've moved in. So far we haven't done it and it won't be in our budget this year, but I love shutters on a house. Makes them look so cozy! Yay for home improvements that don't cost anything right now! We've been busily working the in yard and moving plants around. We'll buy some annuals soon and Michael hopes to fix a drainage issue we have on the west side of our house and possibly put in a sprinkler system in the back (we already have all the parts, we just need to install them). Cheap, but nice fixes!

Wendy said...

We were surprised to see how inexpensive the shutters were. Maybe you should price them! We found these at Home Depot.

Elena said...

Haven't seen you out and about lately. Hope you're okay!

Deanna said...

Look's GREAT!