Thursday, May 14, 2009


Lilacs 2009

I nearly put "Neener, Neener" as the title of this post. Why? I have a friend, who shall remain nameless, that covets lilacs and has even been know to (ahem) purloin blossoms from others' yards! Oh my! Tsk, Tsk! ;-) I believe she's reformed now. I taunt you anyway, my dear friend! (evil chuckle)

 I love lilac's perfume

I can't look at our lilac bushes this year without thinking of her. With all the rain and snow we got this year, they are just going crazy. I've never seen so many blooms.

this bee says mine! all mine!

Look at that huge bumblebee there. I think he was drunk on the fragrance. He never stopped working, but buzzed loudly at me when I got close -- as if to say -- "Mine! All mine!" Looks like you've got some competition, H.! ;-)

spring lilacs 2009

My daughter's bedroom is above these bushes and you can smell their perfume through her open window. What a nice way to fall asleep. Talk about joy in the journey!


Rebekah said...

I love lilacs, too! You'll have to ask Sweet Girl if these sweet-smelling blooms have inspired sweet dreams!

I love the white blossoms, too. Always classic, always beautiful.

Heidi said...

It couldn't be ME you are referring to, could it?!!! ::::insert angelic look here:::::

BEAUTIFUL!!! My lilacs are on the verge of blooming right now, but my bushes are not yet that full or big. (sigh) I admit I've been eyeing some accessible bushes in the neighborhood for a "late night ramble". :::insert evil grin here:::::

Wendy said...

LOL Fight it, Heidi! Fight it!

Lilacs always make me think of Anne -- "Drink them in, Marilla! Drink them in!"

Can't help but smile and think of you and your "late night rambles" as I enjoy our lilacs this year. Sending you a cyber-bouquet for your kitchen table...

Take care, dear friend! ♥

Elena said...

BEAUTIFUL!! We barely have leaves here, let alone blooms. I LOVE lilacs too, but don't have any in my yard. Guess I need to plant some this year. (In the mean time, I'll cruise the neighborhood. LOL!)

Julie said...

My Favorite Flower!

Darcy @ m3b said...

These are simply stunning! Absolutely gorgeous.

I have lilac envy. Totally.

Mama Williams said...

I too love lilac. Planted 3 last year and they bloomed this spring! Can't wait till they are as lucious as yours.