Friday, June 26, 2009

Girls Night Out, Part 2

Girls Night OutOh. My. Gosh. I have the best sisters. Evah. :-)

We had so much fun together for our girls night out. My sister (Jen) and I grabbed the Sweet Girl and we headed up to my sister Rebekah's house. She is the lone girl in a house of boys -- 2 adorable sons and one sweet hubby.

Rebekah planned such a fun night. I can't wait to show you all the goodies that were waiting for us. She did all of this with dollar-store items and visiting that lovely dollar aisle at Target. Creative, fabulous and affordable? It doesn't get any better than that. This girl is the definition of Recessionista! ♥

glam for the girls

LOVED her table decor. Chic!

look at that chic table decor

We all sat down to a yummy dinner together -- boys included -- oh my gosh, all three of these guys are so charming. Her two boys melt your heart -- so fun, so sweet! And her hubby is one in a million, people. A jewel. Despite not feeling well that night, he helped out all evening and later took the boys to bed so the girls have our Shopaholic-themed night. You rock, Chris!

Look what was served for dessert! {squeal!}

The Credit Card Cake 

Don't you love it?! That's a charge-card angel food cake topped with blueberries, mandarin oranges and strawberries. Good thing we got a picture of it "before". The "after"? Let's just say we maxxed out this cake's limit. It was de-lish and GONE. :-)

getting silly

We played with our nephews 'til bedtime and then jumped right into the movie. We ate movie-theater popcorn and I brought enough chocolate fun size candy bars to choke an elephant. We laughed, talked, and got sillier (and funnier) as the hour got later...

Perfect night, right?


Then Rebekah presented us all with personalized swag bags! swag bags

personalized swag bags . cute are these? She printed off an illustration and used it as the silhouette for all the bags. Each bag had different goodies inside for each diva. Mine had pedicure stuff, notepads, a pink office supply set (she's aware of my office supply sickness and loves me anyway), a small grilling recipe booklet, cupcake-themed notepad and stickies, and a velvety notebook that has a damask cover. Dah-ling!!! Are you jealous? Can I remind you this was all found at dollar store prices?!

This was such a fun night. I'm so glad my Sweet Girl was invited for the fun. She had so much fun partying with the girls. Jen, I totally got my ab workout for the week -- no one makes me laugh like you -- I want to be you when I grow up.

Rebekah, all I can say, is I'm so glad I'm related to you -- I hope I have 1/1oth of your creativity floating around in my DNA. I love you to pieces. I love that you live closer to me and we can do fun things like this. You are da bomb, girl!

 the girls

♥  Told ya. Best sisters. Ever.   ♥


Isabelle said...

really looks like it was a fun night !

Christine said...

Adopt ME!

John & Michelle said...

Looks like fun! I tagged you over at my blog! I thought you might have some cool pictures!

Elena said...

WAY FUN!! THat cake is TOO cute! What a great idea. (You should put this in your "file".) I LOVE girls nights like this. MY SIL's try to do it about once a year. I think it's getting time!!

Rebekah said...

The boys and I had so much fun finding a reason to celebrate! The little guys loved helping me pick out party supplies and the hubby is truly the hero of the day. I tried to stop him from helping, but he said it was important to him to help. Who am I to complain???

I had so much fun! Thanks to everyone for coming and laughing and playing and enjoying!