Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photo Tag

I got tagged by my friend, Michelle, to play photo tag. Here's how you play:

You go to your 1st photo folder, then to the 10th picture and do a blog post about the picture! I'm going to change the rules a little and let *you* pick the folder and then go to your 10th picture.   You then pick 3 people to tag and don't forget to mention the person who tagged you... ;-)

Thrift store chalkboard

Okay, here's my picture. (Sorry, I've got to cheat and post more than one picture about this, 'cause that first one is a terrible picture!) This is a beadboard chalkboard I found at a thrift store recently. This is it --  in its "before" state. It's got a chalk tray and little dowel holes for pegs (for keys?).

Chalkboard closeup

I think I'll fill those holes in, clean the whole thing up, and repaint it. I'm not real sure what I'm going to do with it right now -- probably put it in the kitchen -- I kind of wanted to see which direction my future updated kitchen will go before I committed painting it a particular color.

Can't you just see this displaying tonight's menu, or the quote of the day....?

thrift store chalkboard price

My kitchen and I are not quite ready for this project right now, but, at THAT price I knew this little chalkboard wouldn't wait for me there at the store! So I snagged it.

I look forward to fixing this little chalkboard up.

Someday. :-)


So, that's my story photo. Now it's your turn. I'm tagging:

Elena @ Manwaring Moments

Nicole @ The Daily Life of Us

Deanna @ The Poulsen Family


Can't wait to see your photos!


John & Michelle said...

Oh Wendy! I also love to shop thrift stores! What a deal you'll be able to do alot with that!

Elena said...

What a steal! It will be SO cute with a fresh new coat of paint. I can't wait to see the finished product.

Deanna said...

OH! I got tagged! I can't wait!!! Can I cheat and do this after the 4th of July??? Just kidding...I'll still pick a random folder, but think I'll have more fun if I'm not rushed. :)

Thanks for the invite!!!