Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thank you!

Deanna is one of my friends that lives in my computer. :-)

Yesterday I received a little something in my mailbox from her -- look how cute she packaged it --

 Package from Deanna

There is a darling frame with a scripture quote on it, and matching cute magnets that were sitting on a cute tag (is that a chalkboard tag?). I love it all, Deanna! Thanks for the sweet words on your pretty card, too. Everything is wonderful! 

I love seeing your comments here at the Bend, and I love checking out your little corner of the world. Her pictures are works of art, people! So talented.

Thank you again, Deanna! ♥


Mama Williams said...

How are you busy lady? I'm missing my Blog friend. No comments is so unlike you.

Deanna said...

I'm glad you received this little diddy. :) I thought of this quote when I thought of you...You guys have had SO much going on, and you are such an inspiration to me! :) Hope things are looking up!

I ♥ your fun comments, your fun posts, and knowing I have a 'friend' in my computer is pretty fun!