Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Backyard Saga continues...Chapter 2

How would you like to see this out of your french doors in the morning? This was the heavy duty bucket truck that was used to take down the cottonwoods.

We put ribbons on the two trees that were to be spared. I *love* this eastern redbud tree.

A little later in the day...

This was the next day. All the fruit trees are down at this point, and just trunks are left of the cottonwoods. The tree company came a third day to finish them off and grind the stumps. The back yard looks completely different now! DH and I were *amazed* at the level of work it took to get all the trees down. So thankful we hired this job out! The saga continues....
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Anonymous said...

Very exciting days for you! I love the pictures and giggled at the bucket truck going past your French doors. My younger son would have been wild with joy at the sight of a TRUCK in the backyard! :) -Betsy