Thursday, September 18, 2008

Are There Really Fairies in Our World?

Tooth Fairy Notes Closeup


Poor DH is at the dentist today, and it's not going to be a fun visit. The Sweet Girl and I are scheduled to go in next week, so I have teeth on my mind!

This reminded me of something far more pleasant -- a story I heard recently from one of my kindred spirits, Heidi. Her daughter (just starting kindergarten) asked if there were really fairies in our world. :-) She had a few questions about the Tooth Fairy! Heidi wanted her child to believe in fairies a little longer, and went along with the conversation. As it continued, her daughter started to make all sorts of plans on how to SEE the Tooth Fairy. Doesn't that just make you smile? :-) It brought back many memories of my kindergartner girl, and her fun with the Tooth Fairy.

Our Sweet Girl very much liked to believe in magic and fairies, so we had fun with the Tooth Fairy. We sprinkled a magical trail of glitter that would lead from my daughter's pillow to the window; we also put very tiny, sweet notes from the Tooth Fairy along with money under her pillow. I still remember my Sweet Girl's sparkly eyes as she would run to me in the morning to tell me all about what she had found! She would curl up in my lap as we would read the Tooth Fairy's note over again. My heart took a picture.

Some parents would say that believing in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy and magic is telling children lies. I belong to the other camp; I believe that childhood should include magic, wonder, imagination and miracles. The world can be a dark and scary place at times. We need imagination, magic and wonder, and especially miracles.

Even now, the official line at the house at Christmas is... "those that don't believe in Santa, don't get presents from Santa!", followed with a wink and finger laid aside your nose. The Sweet Girl to this day has never cornered me, demanding the cold, hard truth. I think she wants to believe, still. I hope she does.

What are your Tooth Fairy stories?

Which camp do you belong to?


Heidi said...

The title of today's post both made me smile and made me click on my "Google Reader" immediately to see if it was in response to my post. Remember talking about that "thrill" you get when you read your name in a post, way back on the KS_list days? Well, you gave me a thrill today! :-) Thanks for the picture of your tooth fairy notes. I will definitely have to do that! Alyssa will love it. She's getting frustrated that she hasn't lost any teeth yet, although many other children in her class have. She keeps "testing" to see if any are wiggly yet.

Rebekah said...

I don't have any tooth fairy stories, but I did want to mention how the tooth fairy pays out more than she used to.... (: