Thursday, September 11, 2008

Autumn Inspirations: Jack O' Lanterns

I know it's only the second week in September, and it might be a little on the early side to start talking about pumpkins and jack o' lanterns, but I've been seeing pumpkins EVERYWHERE lately. I can't go into *any* store without seeing them.  I gotta add pumpkins to my autumn inspiration list! Just for fun, here are some fun jack o' lantern ideas...hey, it's never too early to start making plans...October will be here before we know it.


Cinderella Pumpkin



I just *loved* this creative idea! The door and windows are belt buckles; the top -- a lamp finial. Here and here are where you can find the instructions for making Cinderella's pumpkin coach.





 Mr. Pumpkin




I think Mr. Pumpkin here is dapper and fun, although I don't think the little ladies around him agree with me... Instructions for him and the little ladies are found here.






Madam Lost Her Head Pumpkin

Don't lose your head, Madam! Ooops....too late! :-)

I love the spooky Victorian look! Here's the how to for this idea:

Madam Lost Her Head

You'll Need
1 large pumpkin
Small (4-ounce) paper cup
Gauze, crepe paper or ribbon
Craft glue
Pair of vintage cotton gloves
Small dried beans (like lentils or split peas)
Dried Spanish moss

1. Cut two eyes and a mouth in the pumpkin. Use the paper cup covered with gauze to make a hat. Glue the hat to the pumpkin.
2. Fill each glove with beans, and arrange the hands so that they’re holding the pumpkin.
3. Surround with Spanish moss.

Mouse House Pumpkin




Going for less spooky? How about this cute mouse house? Instructions here. Just click on the mouse house picture.






If sewing's your thing, you'll probably take a 'notion' to decorate some pumpkins this way! Are these clever, or what?

 Sewing Pumpkins Collage

Jack o' Lantern Ideas

...and here are some more traditional ideas. I love the hypnotic look of the white pumpkins -- those crazy eyes... Aunt Hattie there requires no carving at all! Just some dress-up fun...and do you recognize the Home Alone pumpkin? He looks like he's seen a ghost! Just put this guy on top of a pair of stuffed garden gloves. Done! Easy.


So....which ones are your favorites?


...wait, the pumpkins tell me it's only fair that they get the last word...

Pumpkin SOS

Cinderella Pumpkin Coach. Mr. Pumpkin, Madam Lost Her Head, Mouse House pumpkins: Hallmark Magazine, Sept./Oct. 2008, styled by Betsy Gantt Stewart, photography by Scott Gibbons

Sewing Notions, Beribboned Bewitchment pumpkins: Better Homes and Gardens, Holiday Crafts 2008, designer: Suzanne Stirling, photography by Matthew Benson and Greg Scheidemann

Traditional Pumpkin Collage,Better Homes and Gardens, Halloween Tricks and Treats 2008, Designs by Kristin Cleveland and Wade Scheere, Photography by Greg Scheidemann


Rebekah said...

I loved so many, but favorite picks: Cinderella Coach, Mouse House and Aunt Hattie! So fun!

MyCozyCreations said...

What cute ideas! I really like the one with all of the ribbons. They are all really cute though!