Thursday, November 13, 2008

What Little Things Make You Happy?

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Autumn leaf heart

To poke a wood fire is more solid enjoyment than almost anything else in the world.
                       ~Charles Dudley Warner


Ah, November. I've been enjoying this one very much.

We enjoyed an Indian Summer here during most of the month of October -- but as soon as the calendar turned, so did the weather. November, so far, has been grey, drizzly and much cooler. Instead of depressing me, I have reveled in the change! I love it.  Things have felt much cozier. Quilts and extra blankets go on the beds. Hot cocoa is daily treat. Yummy sweaters come out of storage. Thoughts are turned to family, friends, counting blessings...and food. :-)

I am way behind on lists and plans for Christmas, and yep, even Thanksgiving. I'm not  feeling guilty or stressed -- I'm enjoying the simplicity of these few days before the hustle and bustle hits. I'm focusing on the little things that make us happy. I'm going to follow the Nester's lead and share a few things that make me happy right now:

hot cocoa

turning the porch lights on (the evenings come earlier and earlier now)

sweet potatoes with butter and brown sugar

climbing into bed at night, and feeling toasty warm

a fire in the fireplace

geese honking as they fly over my house

soups and stews...with homemade bread...

kitties that curl up beside you

watching a storm -- from inside :-)

What little things make you happy?


Rebekah said...

Curling up in a comfortable chair with an afghan and a good book.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to say a word or two about the happy list. First, I too love being on the goose flight path. The majesty of nature comes to mind when you are in a tiny part of it.

Second, I can do without the danged cat coming and laying all over my keyboard in the evenings when I'm trying to get things done!

Elena said...

LOL!! That anon. comment was too funny. I would love a kitty to come cuddle by me. (Darn hubby's allergies.) I'll take the hubby over the cat though. :) Yes, Fall is a beautiful time of year.

Wendy said...

Elena, that anonymous comment was my husband. LOL!!!

Wendy said...

Oh -- I forgot one! In my little city's downtown, we have a historic Presbyterian church with a bell tower. I adore listening to the bells when they chime! I love church bells.

That is a little thing that always makes me happy...