Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Decorations 2008

There are a couple of holiday house tours going on out there in Bloggyland, so I thought I'd put out there what I've put out here. I won't be linking to any of  the tours, though;  after seeing my humble decorating attempts, there would probably be some snickering and someone would put a complimentary eggnog in my hand, call me 'dear', and politely show me the door... ;-) Have you seen some of these rooms?! There are some incredibly talented people out there!

With our December bend in the road, this Christmas isn't exactly how I pictured it happening. But a saying, that is quickly becoming my favorite, comes to mind:


It is what it is.


No, I'm not ready for HGTV (snort! never will be...) but...the house is toasty warm, the Christmas lights are twinkling, the Christmas music is playing, and something is smelling good in the kitchen. I have my DH here and the Sweet Girl will be home soon from school. It's home. It's simple. It's sweet. It is what it is, and it's a blessing.

Here's a few things we put out this year... roll your mouse over the photos for more details... click on the photos to enlarge.



Kid friendly Santa hanging on the doorknob

Mary E calendar print with a 3 dollar mat and a frame

snowman offering treats to visitors


Living Room

Simple swag hung on floor lamp

The candy themed tree we did this year

2008 tree detail

CD player tucked in a corner for Christmas tunes

Christmas CD's creatively concealed but handy

Christmas jars filled with doodads I got from around the house and my Christmas plaque

details on the Christmas jars - a leftover bell garland and a  foil garland and leftover red ornaments



I like having a gingerbread theme in the kitchen. How do you like my improvised table centerpiece?

Gingerbread Kitchen Collage


Family Room

It's a Wonderful Life Mantle

Sinterklaas vignette

a nativity and photo of the baby Sweet Girl pretending to be Mary

our Christmas movie basket


Elena said...

I think it all looks lovely and very festive. Love that Santa's little springy legs! And yes, there are some CRAZY talented (and wealthy) decorators out there. So not me, but we do our best.

Did you ever try fixing your profile email thing? You're still no-reply. Your buh-donk-a-dunk comment made me snort out loud. So funny!

Robyn said...

Very lovely! We are decorating-impaired until all the little people have a little more sense, but someday I'll be able to cozy everything up for holidays. Enjoy your sweet home!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

I love the kitchen theme. Your home looks so wonderful and I want to come over and watch some of your fun movies.

I hope that no matter what you have a very merry Christmas. I know that the Lord is aware of you and your family.

Rebekah said...

I am having flashbacks. My not-so-little one playing with those springy Santa legs and then spotting a meow-meow on the stairs.

I liked several of your ideas-- the gingerbread theme in the kitchen, the Christmas music and movies in an accessible spot...

I think you're a great decorater. Just the perfect balance of homey and practical.

Deanna said...

BeUtiful!!!!! I love all your decorations!!! I can hardly wait till we're out of our tiny apartment and can decorate to the moon!

Hope your pary went well...our Saturday was definatly a blast!

Mama Williams said...

I love your elegant Christmas Decor~! Your tree is gorgeous! Where did you get that star? I may steal a few ideas from you. All the boughs make it so winter-y. Love it!