Friday, January 23, 2009

Counting Blessings

Bijou hunting snowflakes (3)

What a week it's been -- no luck on the job front, a new president for the nation, a new cooking blog up and running for the family, taking care of nieces, trying to keep up with the household, running off to miscellaneous appointments, and best of all, a brand new nephew born just yesterday! (Welcome sweet baby Jason!!!) Whew! I am really ready for a Friday.

I came across this picture I snapped the other day of Bijou -- he's hunting snowflakes. Yep. Whenever we have a snowstorm, he runs to our highest gable window where he intently watches individual flakes coming down and jumps at them if they come near the window... :-)

I couldn't help but smile at this picture, thinking of this silly gato hunting his snowflakes -- I don't know, I just suddenly became thankful for the small things that are blessing me everyday;  the little things that make life sweet.

You know, life in general isn't easy right now, and the three of us are having to make an effort to keep our chins up and stay positive for each other.

But, there are so many little things going right.

A safe, warm house that's a haven from winter and the world. A tight little budget that's working -- keeping us afloat. A teenage daughter growing up strong, beautiful, and making good choices. A wonderful husband that never gives up. Friends and family that continue to check in with us and fret over us.  Also -- a  tender, watchful Lord blessing us -- who, I know, is aware of our little family -- our hopes and dreams, and our worries and frustrations and weary times.

So many little things going right. Can't help but count me some blessings.


Elena said...

He is a beautiful kitty, love the blue eyes. Yes, it's nice to sit back every once in a while and notice the small things that give us happiness. BTW, I made the potato pancakes last night, so delish. My NON-eating potato daughter ate 4, I was SHOCKED. Thanks for the recipe.

Elena said...

I had the craziest dream about you last night. You were SO mad at me because I refused to get a flu shot. LOL!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

Elena is so funny and the dreams she has......

I love that you are real and so honest and full of hope. Truly you are an inspiration to so many. And you are right there are so many things that are wonderful - definately tender mercies from above.

Deanna said...

I absolutely loved this post! You are so inspiring. Isn't it trut, though, so many things...despite our family circumstances...and to know we have a loving Father in Heaven to watch over and protect us. That is comforting despite the turmoil around us. Thanks!