Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Know what? I have the sweetest sister-in-law on the planet -- look at this cute thing she did for us. She delivered a little care package to us, and among other things, inside we found this:


it's a sweet little jar, full of "encouragemints". She filled a jar with mints (ours our mint kisses -- woo hoo!) and then added 10 or so encouraging quotes on strips of paper that she cut. She folded them up and mixed 'em up with the mints. Her tag says,


Encouragemints detail


Here are some sweet thoughts
for when you need a little pick me up.

This is such a sweet, simple, and inexpensive idea. We've been visiting this little jar often and benefiting from the positive quotes AND the mint chocolate. Not necessarily in that order...LOL

I bet you know somebody who could use a little "encouragemint" ! Tailor the quotes to fit their situation...

Love this idea! And, I love my SIL! ♥


Mama Williams said...

What a cute idea! I love chocolate mints too.

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea!! Especially with V Day approaching..

Elena said...

OH THAT is exactly what I needed today! I've been wondering and wondering what I could send to Kat to cheer her up. I'm putting this together tomorrow for her. So great. Will you email me some of the little sayings? I'm bad a thinking of those kinds of things.

Rebekah said...

What a neat idea! I will definitely use this idea in the future! Thanks for sharing and way to go SIL!

"The Queen in Residence" said...

Isan't it great to get a little love in the mail and so unexpected. I love it! Kinda makes you realize that there are many angels walking around there with your best interest at heart.♥

"The Queen in Residence" said...

And,.....those mint chocolate hershey kisses are the BOMB!!!! So good to make you feel decadent and pampered.

Deanna said...

oh! How darling! I know a sweet little husband that could use one of those jars...He's home with my boys all day, every day, and even gets up with them in the night. I feel a suprize coming on! :) I think my hubby will love it! As well as my newly married Brother and SIL, my brother on a mission, my sister at her second semester at BYU, my parents, my other two sisters struggling in elementary and High school, and my little brother in Jr. High. Hmmmm...I feel a fun Valentine's day coming, too!

ed and jane said...

The things that matter most are the things that come from the heart. Congratulations on being a "heart attack" from someone who loves you AND took the time to let you know.