Monday, January 12, 2009

January Projects

Not really anything exciting to post today; the job searching is slow going -- not really getting any call backs at this point. It could be that a lot of companies are reassessing where they themselves are at, and what they will do next in these crazy economic times. It's discouraging for us, but we're trying to stay positive.

A big change in life can sometimes bring about a "bend in the road" that was never an option before .... you never know! I think if we had a little more in savings to fall back on, I would even be excited about the possibilities! (At least for today, I am a little too distracted with making sure we make it through the here and now.) Hubby and I are talking about all options available to us. I wonder what the next bend in the road will be?

In the meantime, I am using that organizational kick we all get in January to work on this...

Reorganizing the Decorations Old Christmas boxes heading for the trash

...reorganizing the Christmas decorations. It's a bit of a mess now, but it will be in "apple pie order" soon. When Christmas rolls around again, I'll be glad I did this now. Do you find that most of your indoor projects get done in January and February? Mine sure do!

Speaking of projects, here's a little something the Sweet Girl did for some of her cousins.

 Winter Pillows

Aren't they cute? We got the idea from here.

So what projects are you working on?


Elena said...

My projects: the NEVER ending abyss of my basement. Always a disaster, my can organizer that fell apart and is now taking up more room than saving me at the moment, and my little Kate's bedroom. That kid can mess up a room in 2 seconds flat I tell ya. I get so discourage I stop cleaning it up until it looks like a landfill, and that's the point we're at now. Ughhh... Good luck to you and your projects. Yes you will be so happy next Christmas!

Anonymous said...

I'm finding myself organizing my crafts and "stuff" too! Love the pillows your daughter made.

Those bends in the road do eventually straighten out, again..


"The Queen in Residence" said...

Those pillows are so darling.

I am hoping that things will change for you sooner rather then later.

I am having a Christmas Boutique next christmas so I am working on those projects. I had to get many things for it when christmas got blown out at 75% off. So wish me luck, I figure that if I get going now I can procrastinate for a few months.... just kidding.

Karin said...

Trust that you will soon see the road ahead to where you will be called to be. All the best with the job search. Love those pillows! So cute! My daughter collects penguins!

Thanks for visiting my Welcome to Alberta post!

Mama Williams said...

Very worthy of your time. I love the feeling of everything in it's place and knowing what I have. My Christmas decor is half stored.