Monday, March 30, 2009

Busy and Thankful

I was a busy little bird during my "unplugged" Friday...that turned into Saturday. I spent Friday making copies of my staycation class materials, and getting that class all ready. I got a new journal set up on my computer, to go along with my "big rock" goal I made recently of  journal writing every day, and I spent time with family. I know, technically I was on the computer, but I say I got a to-do item done, so it doesn't count.

All Saturday morning I was attending the women's activity at church -- it was awesome! We had lots of gals there teaching fun how-to classes: square foot gardening, blogging, homemade bread secrets, self-defense, family history tips, clutter-control (and mine: staycations). The only bummer about the activity was that I couldn't get to every one of the classes! LOL

I'll be posting the staycation class ideas here on the blog, but first, I'm looking into a way that I can make the packets I created available to you. (You know, something you could download.) So, stay tuned on that. 

The biggest thing I wanted to share was that after almost 4 full months of *nothing*, Mr. H landed a temporary contract and starts tomorrow! I have mixed feelings. Down in my gut, I just want a full-time, health-benefited position for him. Having to settle for less is painful for me -- I'm a gal who likes safety and security. I'm tired of worrying. I don't want to be strong and creative and survive. I want us to thrive. This contract is a 1099 and we're on our own for taxes and social security payments and insurance. Bleh.

On the other hand, I have to be realistic and say that we are lucky to find work at all.  And this is a 1099, which gives us a lot of freedom. He will be working at home most of the time, and he can then keep the overall, big job search alive. Mr. H is also looking seriously at education opportunities, and these options can stay open. Plus, I do like having him around. ;-) That stays, too. To fill in the insurance gaps, I'm looking at the basic insurance programs our state offers, like CHIP. We'll enroll in those. At least we'll have basic coverage.

So -- bottom line? It's not the answer we're looking for, but we're gonna be possibilitarians and see what opportunities we can pull out of this. Sometimes you pray for A, B or C and the Lord says.... "Q".  This job trial is not over by a long shot, and we still could use good thoughts and prayers. But this little blessing will keep the wolf from the door and for that, I am...


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Rebekah said...

This is good news and we are so happy to hear it. Q is well, Q, but you're right, it is something! And something is something to be thankful for.

We are cheering for you all! Still praying of course, for a less less wind-y, bendy road, but in the meantime, sending you and DH a big "Cheers!"

With much love---

Isabelle said...

I do hope it's the first of many opportunities for him in 2009.

Mama Williams said...

Baby steps...huh?! I hate that too.
Q is never my choice.

You are so sweet to think of us in bloggerland with your projects. Can't wait to see what it's all about. :)

Christine said...

Possibilitarians, that is good.
You never know what will happen or when. Possibilities might be hidden in this new job!
Chin up and keep on keeping on.
Our son-in-law lost his job. With a two year old and baby on the way and no insurance. I keep telling myself day by day. If that doesn't work, hour by hour or even 5 minute by 5 minutes.
I pray for all of us everyday!


Elena said...

YAY! I'm so happy to hear you've found something. And like you said, its only temporary to help out until you find that pefect job. I say something is better than nothing.

Deanna said...

I, too am happy to hear that things are looking up! Your strength is an inspiration to all of us! :)

Vincent Lee said...

Oh my god I am DYING here. I'm trying to picture women in a church teaching self-defense. LOL! I just recently started going to a Wushu kung-fu training program and there's a ton of jumps and kicks we have to practice, I can barely imagine a bunch of church ladies doing that kind of stuff.

If you need help making the staycation class ideas downloadable, I could probably help, I'm decent with computers. But, I have no idea what staycation is in the first place.

Wishing your husband good luck with his job! I hate this recession, it's hitting all my friends. I'm safe though cause my father works in government and my mother works in the medical field, so they're both good for now. I'm so glad he's getting a job again!

Oh, and Q is an awesome letter anyway.

Wendy said...

Maybe I should have been more clear. Church ladies were the *participants* in the self-defense class.

The instructors were professionals who donated their time to come teach us. And there was no martial arts involved; it was survival training in case of an attack.