Monday, March 23, 2009

A little bit more March Madness

I'm looking at a busy week. I picked a good week to hunker down in, though! It's snowing outside right now, and the cold temps will be with us all this week. Wait a minute. If spring takes a break for a week, does that mean it's Spring's Spring Break? Hmmm. ;-) Hurry back, Spring!

staycationMy big to-do item this week is to put the finishing touches on my staycation class I'm doing for a church-sponsored workshop on Saturday. If you don't know what a staycation is, go here. I've gathered a lot of good ideas -- I'd be happy to post some here, if there's interest. Staycations are perfect for us recessionistas! ♥

I'm one lesson behind on my "me" class, so I've gotta play catch up there. I'm lovin' that class, by the way -- so helpful!

Oh, and our Aggies lost over the weekend -- we're out. No more of that madness this year. :-(

And then, I've got my current de-cluttering project going -- the storeroom. (Hah! -- I typed that, and in my mind, scary theme music started to play! If you would've seen the "before", you would know why...) But, more on that tomorrow.

My usual "prescription" for Spring Fever is usually some spring cleaning. (Must be the German in me.)  I can't help myself. The days start to warm up, and I throw the windows open and dust starts flyin'! I've got to declutter.

How about you?

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Elena said...

OOohhh..I want to hear about your staycation ideas. That's a fun topic. And I had brilliant plans of decluttering during spring break with the kids. But last night I got the stomach flu, and today the snow on the ground just sucked the desire right out of me. Here's hoping I'll get SOMETHING done.

Christine said...


I've been "doing" staycations for the past two years. But last summer was the first time I used the word.
I am so happy hear more people are following this approach to taking time off and hanging around.
Please share your ideas!


Wendy said...

My class is this Saturday. I'll post ideas next week...

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the staycation ideas! - Betsy