Friday, April 10, 2009

Staycations: Use a Book to Get Away

Books are the original staycation! While reading a great book, you are whisked away on an adventure -- to another place, and often, to another time. Your traveling companions can range all the way from filthy pirates to royalty!  Wow. That really sounds like getting away -- and you haven't moved at all -- you're sitting there reading. Talk about frugal!

I'm a huge fan of children's literature. What books do you like to read? Fantasy? Mysteries? Historical?

Take that love of books and craft a staycation around it. Use your imagination and have fun with this. Here's an example -- let's take Treasure Island...treasure island book cover


  • ♦  a seafood dinner becomes Dining Aboard the Hispanola!
  • ♦  thrift store or Oriental Trading  pirate items could be gathered
  • ♦  have a treasure hunt (inside or out) (maps and clues for older kids, hot and cold clues: "you're getting warmer", "you're getting colder"...  for younger ones.)
  • ♦  watch a pirate movie or documentary together
  • ♦  how about everyone has to talk like a pirate the whole weekend -- those that slip must pay a doubloon....or walk the plank.... :-)

Using a book is a great way to have a staycation!

I've included an article in this packet that Al Young of the Storybook Home wrote years and years ago, way before "staycation" ever became a word. He called them "virtual vacations" back then. He had staycations figured out before any of us. Enjoy the ideas from his article and the other ideas included in the packet.  (As always, click on the blue link at the top to access/download the entire packet.)


I hope you've enjoyed Staycation Week here at the Bend in the Road. Times are unsettled now; we're all trying to be frugal and be more careful. But that doesn't mean we have to trade in a rich, full life. It's all about our dear ones and spending time with them and making memories. That's why I wanted to share these ideas with you. No matter what our circumstances, we can live well.... and have fun. ♥

So, go have fun!


Literary Staycations


Elena said...

I think I've been book-cationing all week long. (Now I've GOT to get some bathrooms cleaned!) Nothing like a good book to take me away!!

Rebekah said...

This is my favorite Staycation idea, because reading a book is really about going somewhere new, learning something or feeling something, and often times, RELAXING!!!!

The husband and I read a lot of books together-- can't you just see reading a family book and staycationing with it????

Thanks for these neat ideas!!! I need to print out these docs!!!!