Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Come Celebrate with Me

Wendy's Celebrate blog

Okay, so I'm going a little crazy seeing all these good ideas out there and trying to find them again when I want to try one of them! I created a little place in cyberspace to file them away and I'm a happy camper now. This little blog is my little file for fun, simple ideas for special days and the every days. I'm no Martha, but I think it's fun to add a little fun and sparkle every now and then.

I'm inviting you to come Celebrate. Go here to check out some of the fun ideas I've already collected. The blog will be changing from public to "invited readers only" on Friday, so if you'd like to still be able to take a peek at the collected ideas in my "file box" after that, I'll need your ""RSVP", so to speak. 

Just click on the "email me" link over there on the sidebar, and send me an email telling me you want to be a reader on the Celebrate blog. If you don't care who sees your email addy, you can also leave me a comment here at the Bend.

The more the merrier! ANYone that wants an invite can have one.

Come celebrate with me.  :-)


Elena said...

fun, fun, fun! I want to be invited! I think you have my email already. :)

John & Michelle said...

I would love to join your celebrate blog! It looks neat!

Rebekah said...

PLEASE, count me in!