Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

We had a busy Mother's Day here. Mr. H was assigned to speak at church (the Mother's Day talk -- fraught with peril, that one!) and did a wonderful job. He was a little nervous about it that morning, but still managed to pull off a big surprise, thanks in part to a sweet mother-in-law's help ($).  (Thank you!)

Mixing the cookie dough

Mr. H got me a mixer.  My reaction: Honey! ... What the heck? ... No! ... Well, okay.... [sheepish grin]... [big hugs]! (He told me it was the small one, and not too expensive...fine by me!)

After church, we all had my Mother's Day dinner ( Tacos and chocolate chip cookies -- I know. No steaks, no fancy-schmancy anything. I just wanted junk food for Mother's Day!) and mmmm ... it tasted so good! How fun to then use the mixer to make the cookies. They turned out way yummy.

I still think my Mother's Day surprise is little extravagant, especially considering our current "bend in the road",  and I feel a little guilty, but I've decided to accept this joy in the journey and let my hubby bless me. He's wanted to get me one for a long time, and it made him so happy to do this. I'm happy too.


Heidi said...

Sounds wonderful and what a great gift. I got one of those mixers from my brother as a wedding gift. I was so surprised and I'm sure mine isn't one of the more expensive ones, but I love it! Yay for junk food on your Mother's Day!

We went out to dinner the night before to avoid Mother's Day crowds and had my favorite pizza. On Mother's Day Alyssa made me toast, daddy made eggs, bacon and coffee and Tristan & Alyssa had made me books titled Why I love my mommy! SO cute! Then Tristan helped me eat my eggs (he LOVES Michael's scrambled eggs) and we all snuggled in bed and looked at the little books and gifts they made at school. BEST part of Mother's Day.

Then we got up and worked in the yard for HOURS and HOURS and ate leftovers for lunch and I had strawberry shortcake for dinner while the kidlets ate leftover from Friday night! LOL So I had my junkfood too! It was a tiring but wonderful Mother's Day!

Elena said...

Nah....everyone deserves a kitchenaid, money or not! I LOVE mine. Jarom gave it to me about 7 years ago for my birthday and honestly I don't know how I ever got along without it. I'm SO excited you got one. Can't wait for the next recipe you're going to share!!