Friday, May 1, 2009

The Official "Bend in the Road" Week

Thought for the Day

In case you can't read that quote, it says, "Within our dreams and our aspirations we find our opportunities". Pretty apropos for this week! Dreams, aspirations and opportunities have been all we've talked about this week!

Mr. H and I have been brainstorming various options for our family's future that include work, training and/or school. Our heads were spinning after discussing all the different scenarios and how to make them work. Which option is most realistic? How do we pay for it all and make it happen? And how do we live in the meantime? Yikes.

We also registered the Sweet Girl for the high school this week. (eek! I can't believe it!)I've been going to orientations and researching teachers and classes; fitting everything into a sophomore class schedule/graduation requirements/her college bound path. I think I'm seeing a theme for the week, here....

It's called The Bend in the Road Week. It'll be interesting to see what lies just around the bend for each of us. they come!


Mama Williams said...

I hope you find the right path, that leads you to joy! I understand how difficult it is...Hugs!

John & Michelle said...

We have been having these same talks and it just plain gives me a headache! It's all so overwhelming sometimes! I'd love to just KNOW what we're suppose to do, wouldn't you?

Debbie said...

I can't wait to see what is beyond the curve of the road for all of you! Keep us posted!