Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to the Routine

...and not a moment too soon. I feel totally kerfuffled lately. I am so behind! Maybe it's 'cause we had such a weird summer; distracted with getting the Sweet Girl back on her feet. Maybe it's 'cause I keep on adding to the to-do list and project pile without clearing off the old stuff... maybe it's just 'cause I've been lazy.

Not lazy, really. Overwhelmed. I take a look at what's needing to get done, and  I rebel and run away from what I know I should be doing. Please tell me I'm not alone in doing that ....

Unfortunately, we don't have a "Jeeves" hanging out in a spare closet anywhere, so I'm it. Look at Jeeves'  face -- it's the one I'd get if he popped in and saw my house this week. LOL It's the old saying -- "if it's to be, it's up to me".

Alright. No Jeeves, but I got Flylady.

Back on the wagon I go.

I recently updated my routines and emergency pages and put it all together in a new control journal. I think if I just have a system to follow every day, I'll do better.

Control Journal

Call it a Jeeves on paper. Who knows? Jeeves probably had a Control Journal himself.

Back to school time means back to a schedule with routines. Especially for me. :-)


R said...

I need one of those journals...though I'd probably start making it, get interrupted, never finish it and the house would continue to be a total mess!

I've often thought I'd like my very own Jeeves, though he'd pull that face at me ALL THE TIME because I'm so slovenly!!

Anonymous said...

I would like to know more about your control journal. What exactly do you write in it?

Elena said...

I love Flylady. I need to start flying over at this house again. It's starting to get out of control!

Wendy said...

So glad to know I'm not the only one out there feelin' the way I do. :-)

For more info on the control journal, go to Flylady's website and visit the Control Journal page. I put both links up in the post.

My take on my control journal?

EMERGENCY: all contact info needed in an emergency. My neighborhood's emergency plan, ALL phone numbers of people that need to be reached, insurance policy #s, how to turn stuff off, what to grab if we must evacuate...ETC.

DAILY/WEEKLY/ZONES: all my routines that keep me on my routine! ;-)

MENU/GROCERY: blank menu planning sheets, current menu plan

PHONE NUMBERS: all my contact info in case technology (computer and PDA and cell phone) fails me.

FAMILY: family night plans, children's lit lists, rules, helps, etc. This section is always in flux...

HAPPINESS: quotes, graphics and ideas and plans that make me happy -- I also keep a list of wants here in case Mr. H wants to spoil me. hee hee ♥

HOUSE: seasonal maintenance lists, projects and dreams that Mr. H and I have for the house. I keep a separate binder for improvement/remodeling inspiration pictures and ideas...

That's my Control Journal in a nutshell.