Friday, August 28, 2009

A Little Update

Here's the skinny on our current situation. I guess I haven't talked about it in a while -- so it was easy to get confused on just what I was saying while I was doing my happy dance at my own personal party for my very good friend, Heidi. :-)

Mr. H has been working since the spring, but at a 1099 contract (this means you get paid, but your employer pays none of the taxes usually taken out of a person's paycheck. Sounds pretty good on the surface, but the reality is that Uncle Sam will come find us in April with his hand out and stern expression on his face, and say "WELL?") -- while we are so thankful for the work, no matter what it's form, it has been stressful.

We have to save a good-sized chunk of Mr H's check to prepare for the looming tax bill -- bleh. Sometimes, like with our daughter's recent surgery costs, we don't save anything at all, and just take care of current obligations. Double bleh. Add in the fact that this was supposed to be a very short term contract, that for some reason keeps getting extended...and you have a very thankful, but very nervous girl.

I feel blessed that we have money coming in. But I can't quite get out of the survival mentality; the work could disappear at any moment and while it's here, it's a blessing that has an eventual bite to it. While counting my blessings, my eyes are to the skies, waiting for that other shoe to drop.

(okay, does that picture creep anyone else out? ~shiver~)

Life is good in the meantime. I'm a worrier (what woman/mom isn't ?) and I have my days when the uncertainty of it all really gets to me, but for the most part I try to focus on the here and now and the blessings found in each day. Life is here now. It is what it is. I try to make the best of it. But, you can't blame me for getting a little excited when my parallel-universe-kindred-spirit-friend has really good news to share -- that means something good comin' down the pipe for us, too! Happy dance time.

Hoping and wishing all good things for you, too. I hope life is treating you well in your little corner of the world. ♥


Deanna said...

Oh, my. You guys have had a lot going on!!!

I ♥ your dictionary stand, and I ♥ the hardware you used! I also ♥ the vinyl lettering and lamp. ADORABLE!

Rebekah said...

Actually I've been dying over here. It's been several weeks of potty training and I've been listening to myself saying 2 things over and over again:

1) I hate potty training!!!
2) This too shall pass...

Thanks for the update. We love you guys!